1 out of four CBD Merchandise is NOT Examined for Microbial Content material, Pesticides, or Heavy Metals

Tel Aviv, Israel, April 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CBD industry-reviewed watchdog Leafreport.com recently conducted a comprehensive review of 2,946 products from 136 brands to see how many had been tested for purity or effectiveness by third-party facilities. The report also released a list of the ten most transparent brands.

“The CBD industry is still very unregulated,” said Shafir, Leafreport’s product manager. “There have been many cases of companies selling products that contained little to no CBD, which is why third-party testing is so important for brands in this industry.”

Summary of the transparency report

Pure, clean CBD? It’s unlikely: only 13% of brands have tested almost all of their products for purity

“Clean”, “safe”, “natural” or “pure” CBD are key selling points for many CBD brands. However, these catchphrases are meaningless without the evidence to support such claims.

One of the key findings of the report was that only 13% of CBD companies tested almost all of their products for detectable levels of contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, or microbial levels. However, 25% have not tested any of their products for purity.

“We were stunned that one of four well-known brands we reviewed hadn’t tested any of their products for the presence of contaminants,” Shafir said. “It is of particular concern because hemp, from which CBD is extracted, is a phyto-medicinal plant that absorbs toxins and heavy metals from the soil.”

Do most CBD products deliver the promised effectiveness? Don’t bet on it – 84% are not measuring within acceptable variance

Other key findings from the report included significant discrepancies between the labeled efficacy of the product and the contents of the bottle.

The CBD concentration stated on a product label must match the concentration measured by the testing laboratory within a deviation of 10%. This means that for a high quality CBD product, CBD values ​​are expected that are between 90 and 110% of the stated values.

84% of the 2946 products tested were outside the limits of acceptable variance. Leafreport also found that only 42% of brands have tested all of their products for effectiveness.

“The number of brands bypassing third-party potency tests or performing tests outside of the allowed variance is a cause for concern,” commented Shafir.

“Testing to make sure your product’s effectiveness is accurate is a fundamental aspect of brand integrity – especially with CBD products that are widely used as medicines. Children diagnosed with rare forms of pediatric epilepsy use CBD to Controlling Seizures It is imperative that your caregivers know what is in the bottle in order to get the correct dose. “

Less is more: Brands with fewer than 8 products are more likely to test for purity and effectiveness

Another meaningful finding from the report was that brands that sell 7 products or fewer are more likely to test most of their products for potency and purity than brands with 40+ products. These results suggest that third-party testing for brands with fewer products may be easier to manage and financially viable.

It’s time for CBD brands to improve and become more responsible

Overall, the report’s results show that large discrepancies and unknowns characterize what consumers believe they are buying – and the actual contents of the CBD product.

“The excitement created by CBD has sparked the explosion of a largely unregulated industry that needs to become more accountable to consumers,” Shafir reflected.

“Our goal is for regular reports like Leafreport’s to help CBD consumers get smarter. The overall market needs to mature as a result, with purity and potency tests being the order of the day.”

Leafreport’s full report on transparency in the CBD industry can be found here.

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