2022 hemp license purposes now out there

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – The Idaho State Department of Agriculture announced Monday that hemp license applications for calendar year 2022 are open.

The application process is available from start to finish through an online system on the ISDA website.

HB 126, the Idaho Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act, went into effect in April. Under the new statute, ISDA has been tasked with developing a state hemp plan in line with the 2018 Farm Bill. The USDA recently approved Idaho’s state hemp plan.

“ISDA has worked all summer and autumn to meet the ambitious HB 126 schedule,” said ISDA director Celia Gould. “I am very proud of the ISDA staff who worked hard to set up the technical aspects of a complex program. I would also like to highlight the work of one of our talented programmers who created our online licensing system in time to start applications well before next year’s planting season. ”

The online application portal is now live on the ISDA website. The ISDA hemp page has videos and other resources to aid in the licensing process. All fees related to licensing are also displayed on the Hemp main page.

The ISDA encourages potential applicants to read through all of the hemp laws and regulations that can be found on the ISDA website. Officials also encourage applicants to watch the short instructional videos before starting an application.

“We want licensees to enter this process with open eyes,” said Gould. “This is a complicated program and we want to make sure potential applicants are aware of the requirements for this product.”