420 Hashish Pageant sparks debate about pot retailers

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WILX) – The 420 Cannabis Festival sparked a debate about introducing pot shops to the area. News 10 spoke to an advocate and an official who said he doesn’t want any of these stores to be planted here.

Dealers, games, and live music brought dozens of people to the 420 Cannabis Festival. Keshean Mackey was at the event.

Mackey says he first came across marijuana as an alternative medicine to treat pain from an injury he sustained in high school.

“I actually broke my leg in high school. I have a rod and I have ten screws, ”said Mackey. “It helps when I can do my daily chores while being myself and happy and overcoming this pain.”

The Friday event sparked another discussion in Meridian Township; Whether or not they add six marijuana dispensaries to their neck of the woods.

But Treasurer Phil Deschaine thinks it’s a bad look.

“We became more of a pot town than a city full of excellent schools, great neighborhoods, and a safe place to raise a family,” said Deschaine. “There’s just no benefit in having these six stores here.”

He says just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s necessary.

“If we open six pot stores in Meridian Township; What does that say to our students and our families? ”Asked Deschaine. “What would you think if we opened six arms stores? Or six strip clubs? These are all legal like marijuana stores, but is the board rushing to open them? No.”

Mackey contradicts Deschaine. He believes the reputation of cannabis is changing.

Mackey said, “I don’t see how an image problem can arise. People of my generation from the age of 21 to seniors use cannabis. I feel like it’s a high school grad working at McDonalds or a CEO of a company looking for some inflammation relief or some sleep. It will be beneficial for everyone. “

The decision to add the six stores rests with the voters in Meridian Township. November there will be a vote.

Meanwhile, the 420 Cannabis Festival continues on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Riverfront Park. You must be 21 years old to participate. There are day passes for tomorrow only if you missed today.

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