5 Advantages Athletes May Not Know About CBD

2. Helps alleviate anxiety

The job of an athlete requires that he keep a cool head and perform at his best under pressure. Unfortunately, fear can often get rampant when athletes are competing, especially when the stakes are high. However, early studies have shown that CBD can be beneficial in reducing this anxiety. The results of a 2020 study showed that CBD can have anti-anxiety effects.

3. Helps reduce inflammation

The more athletic you are, the higher the risk of injury and inflammation while exercising. Chronic inflammation can cause joint and muscle pain that restrict movement, slow recovery time, and decrease performance. CBD helps reduce inflammation by reducing swelling and lowering levels of certain cytokines, which are responsible for releasing pro-inflammatory agents into the bloodstream. This means that CBD can help with symptoms of inflammatory conditions like arthritis or asthma, as well as more temporary problems like sore muscles from exercise.

4. Aids in pain management

Athletes are typically considered to be the front runner in physical fitness, but they are also very susceptible to injury and persistent pain. Powerful pain relievers like opioids aren’t always available to manage severe pain and may not be worth the risk in the first place.

Early research showed that CBD could be exactly what athletes need. A 2021 study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research shows that patients with moderate to severe pain reported reduced pain after using CBD for three months.

5. Increases the energy level

We all have days on the track when we struggle to get through – and some of us have experienced symptoms of the dreaded Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Fortunately, CBD is proving to be an effective supplement for increasing athletes’ energy levels and performance during exercise, as it provides users with more focus and less anxiety. Studies have shown that taking low doses of CBD (less than 15 mg) can increase alertness and energy levels.

The 6 best CBD products for athletes

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