5 Greatest CBD Lotions for Ache [2021 Update]

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CBD products are taking the health sector by storm as many different ways are discovered to package the cannabidiol. CBD oils top the list in terms of effectiveness and popularity. However, many companies have harnessed the CBD in other ways like creams, gummies, sprays, etc.

While all these are designed to target the pain and give quick relief, the best way to treat pain and inflammation on the skin and joints is through CBD Cream because of its ability to deal with localized pain.

Due to this concern, we have looked through the market for the best CBD creams that are made from natural ingredients and are effective in alleviating pain caused by arthritis, sore muscles, and inflammation.

This article presents you with the five best CBD Creams in the market, explaining how they are made, how they work, and what you should be on the lookout for.

Top 5 CBD Topical Brands for Pain

1. FAB CBD – High-Quality & Editor’s Pick

2. Cheef Botanicals – Best Value

3. CBDPure – Best Guarantee of Service

4. FOCL – Best for Instant Muscle Relief

5. Joy Organics – Best Broad Spectrum

How do we choose the CBD Creams For Pain Relief?

Coming up with this list wasn’t an easy task as the market is flooded with all manner of CBD topical products like ointments, creams, salves, sprays, and gels.

The major difference in these topical products is the texture and the feeling they give after use and their effectiveness too. Every company out there producing CBD Creams are marketing their products so well, you’d think it’s the best. 

In coming up with this list, the plan was to gather as many brands as possible, putting preference to the popular CBD brands in the market. Thereafter, we considered different factors on each product and marked down their scores. 

The evaluation process involved us doing practical experiments in order to give a result that is based on experience. We checked for reviews on the products’ websites so as to gauge customer experience and their recommendations.

We know that we can only find good things on the official websites, so we went further to check in other alternative medicine review sites where people give their genuine opinion on the products they have used.

In addition, we sent out questionnaires to our email contacts asking them to share with us their experience with CBD Creams and other products. The feedback we got was overwhelming.

We combined all the responses we got, together with all the reviews on the website and we were able to come up with selection criteria.

With these in mind, we came up with a list of the best CBD Creams for Pain. Let’s look at the detailed reviews of these products.

5 Best CBD Creams for Pain [Full Review]

#1. FAB CBD – High-Quality & Editor’s Pick

Brand Overview

Customers love FAB CBD cream and from the ratings that this product has received, it shows that it is top-rated as a pain remedy. 

FAB CBD, as a company, has been in operation for a long time and has gained the respect of its customers and other CBD manufacturers. It is based in Colorado, USA, and gets its hemp extract from the organically grown hemp plants in the Colorado farmlands.

 It thrives on ethics and transparency, making sure that all its products are of high quality. The cream manufactured by FAB CBD has a consistent texture and quality, having been combined with other natural plant extracts to improve the quality and effectiveness. You can go over this review of FAB CBD to know more about the brand.

This product is packaged with a potency of 600mg, making it suitable for people experiencing moderate pain. If it’s your first time to use a CBD cream, you may consider trying one that has a lower dosage. 


• Rated #1 by Observer

• It’s made from broad-spectrum CBD extract.

• It has natural ingredients added to supplement the CBD extract and increase efficiency.

• It has a pleasant scent.

• It’s affordable.

• It’s made from organically grown hemp.


• It’s available in one scent only.

• If you return the product, you attract a restocking fee

=> Visit the Official Website of FAB CBD


• It’s Organic – The hemp grown in Colorado is natural and no pesticide-free. No chemicals are added during its growing process to make sure that the hemp extract used to make CBD Creams is chemical-free. In Colorado, the cannabis strain grown is the best for potency and quality, so the final product produces better results.

• The CBD hemp extract type used in making the CBD Creams is Broad-spectrum. This extract type comes with all the plant nutrients contained in the hemp plant, giving you all the benefits of the other cannabinoids in the hemp plant, other than CBD.

• Added Natural Ingredients – The manufacturers of this cream add other natural ingredients like chamomile, aloe Vera, and Vitamin E to improve the effectiveness of the cream when used.

• Flavors and Scents – A blood orange scent is added to the final product to neutralize the strong CBD smell. The scent is light and has little effect on those around you.

Lab Testing

Lab tests are carried out by an external independent third-party laboratory to ensure that it contains no contaminants and chemicals. The lab results give a detailed report on the contents of the CBD cream. The company keeps this report in public by publishing it on their website.

=> Visit the Official Website of FAB CBD for the Best Discount

Shipping & Returns

The company offers free shipping for all US citizens who make orders above $89. You can return the product within 30 days after purchase and get a full refund, in case the product doesn’t work well for you. 

#2. Cheef Botanicals – Best Value

Brand Overview

Cheef Botanicals are known for their specialty in manufacturing products from plant extracts. Its goal is to deliver high-quality products to its users that can solve their pain issues safely and naturally. It is a US-based company that gets its hemp extract from the rich Colorado farms, where the hemp plants are grown naturally and organically to give high-quality hemp extract.

This cream is manufactured for the athletes, as they experience intense pain from strained muscles and joints. Its potency makes it suitable for people suffering from arthritis and other chronic pains. 

It’s packaged in two different potencies, 500 mg, and 1000 mg. Those that have intense chronic pain can use the higher potency doses to manage the pain. 

The cream is easily absorbed by the skin, giving a calming and soothing feeling. It’s enhanced with a sweet aroma and great skincare properties, to keep your skin safe as it heals. 


• It is packaged in two potencies, allowing you to choose the potency that works best for you.

• The Full-spectrum CBD hemp extract used gives you a fuller experience of the product.

• It’s affordable and moderately priced.

• No shipping cost

• The company offers a favorable refund policy.

• All the ingredients used are 100% natural.


• Only those with the subscription get a discount.

• The lower dosage may be too low for its users.

=> Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals


• Two potencies – The Cheef Botanicals CBD cream is packaged in 500mg and 1000 mg potencies so that you can choose which is best for you depending on how much pain you are experiencing. If you are using the cream for the first time, you’d want to consider using the lower dose then upgrade to a higher dose, if need be. 

• Fast Relief – Once the cream is applied, it works fast to provide relief, thanks to its quick-acting formula and super absorbency.

• Full-spectrum CBD Extract Used – The full spectrum extract captures all the plant nutrients present in the hemp plant, giving the user a fuller experience when using the product. 

• Added Natural Ingredients – These Ingredients come from other plant extracts such as calendula flowers. Such ingredients give skin moisturizing effects and increase the efficiency of the CBD Cream.

• Different Buying Options – You can choose to buy the product as a one-time purchase, or you can make a subscription. Those using the cream on a long-term basis can choose the subscription option and get the product at a discounted price. 

Lab Testing

The tests are conducted in two stages:

• An in-house comprehensive testing process.

• Tests are done by an external independent third-party laboratory.

The CBD products are subjected to rigorous testing to check for quality and ensure that the final product contains no contaminants, heavy metals, or any chemicals.

=> Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals for the Best Discount

Shipping & Returns

All US citizens enjoy free shipping, whether they buy one piece or in bulk. If you feel that the product is not good enough, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund.

#3. CBDPure – Best Guarantee of Service

Brand Overview

From its name, you can tell that it is made for people on the tracks like athletes and those actively involved in bodybuilding. This active lifestyle causes muscle and joint pains and so this ointment comes in handy to relieve these pains. 

CBDPure commits itself to deliver pure and potent CBD products. For this ointment, the formulation used delivers fast relief after applying a small amount of the ointment. It works excellently to soothe painful muscles, joints, and connective tissue to give a calm, soothing effect and eliminate discomfort.

It is packaged in low doses of 250mg, making it useful even for first-time users. Although the potency in a single package is lower than in other brands, it can be used to alleviate pain caused by mild arthritis.


• Full-spectrum CBD Extract is used to give the product a better efficiency.

• It’s infused with menthol and white willow bark to increase absorption of the CBD into the skin.

• It has a Rapid-action formula that allows the CBD to be absorbed within minutes.

• It doesn’t grease on the skin surface.

• It has a 90-day guarantee pegged to it.

• It’s available in many outlets.


• It’s expensive.

• Its low dosage might not be enough for people with some conditions.

=> Visit the Official Website of CBDPure


• Value for Money – When using this ointment, you only need to apply a pea-sized amount to the area that needs the ointment. This makes this cream economical as you can use one tube for a long time. 

• Quick-acting formula – It’s designed for quick absorption and results are felt in about three minutes. This effect ensures that its users are able to continue with their activities without pain. 

• Full-spectrum CBD Extract Used – This Company chooses to use the full-spectrum extract that contains other cannabinoids and terpenes in order to give the users a stronger effect. It also contains traces of THC which improves the effectiveness of the product even more.

• Added Plant Extracts – All the plant extracts added are natural so as to improve the effectiveness of the CBD cream. Some of the plant extracts added include Menthol and white willow bark, ingredients that help to increase penetration of the CBD and its effectiveness.

Lab Testing

CBDPure manufactures its products under strict adherence to laid out standards all through the manufacturing process. The final product goes through thorough tests from an independent laboratory to certify that the product is pure and free from any contaminants. 

=> Visit the Official Website of CBDPure for the Best Discount

Shipping & Returns

The company provides shipping to the USA, the UK, and Canada, backed with a 90-day money-back guarantee on the cream.

#4. FOCL – Best for Instant Muscle Relief

Brand Overview

FOCL takes pride in providing high-quality products that are 100% vegan and natural. They use hemp extract from organically grown hemp plants in the United States. The manufacturing process takes place in high standards, keeping it pure and carrying a high potency.

It’s packaged in bottles containing 500mg of CBD, which is enough potency for moderate pain. It’s suitable for use after a gym session, a long run, or a tiresome day. 

FOCL adds other natural Ingredients from plant extracts so that they can increase the effectiveness of the CBD cream. It works great for relaxing muscles and speeding their recovery.


• It’s made of a natural formulation.

• The added Natural Ingredients make the cream very absorbent.

• It’s made from full-spectrum hemp extract for greater efficiency.

• Free shipping and a favorable return policy.


• Only subscribers get discounts.

• It’s packed in low potencies which might not be effective to some customers.

=> Visit the Official Website of FOCL


• It’s high quality – it’s extracted from organically home-grown hemp, producing high-quality CBD cream.

• Natural ingredients – Different natural plant-based extracts like camphor bark oil, menthol, and eucalyptus oil are added to increase the efficiency of the CBD cream. These three ingredients are known for their ability to penetrate skin tissue and relieve pain fast.

• Different purchase options – If you are buying for the first time to try its efficacy, you can choose a one-time purchase but to get more discounts, you can choose a subscription option for long-term use.

• Multiple functions – Not only does it act as a pain reliever, but also soothes skin and gives a calming action on irritated and dry skin.

Lab Testing

The CBD cream produced by FOCL undergoes rigorous testing by a third-party laboratory to ensure that chemicals and other contaminants are not present. The tests also confirm the potency of the CBD and its usage among people.

FOCL transparency policy requires that these results be published on their website so that anyone buying the product can be sure of what they are buying. This is a perfect way to establish trust with the customers visiting the site.

=> Visit the Official Website of FOCL for the Best Discount

Shipping & Returns

FOCL ships all the products above $50 free to buyers across the USA and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on the products. If you choose to buy this product from FOCL, you can buy it risk-free.

#5. Joy Organics – Best Broad Spectrum

Brand Overview

This family-run company produces high-quality CBD products for all its customers. This topical salve is no different, as it is made from premium broad-spectrum hemp extract, beeswax, and other essential oils for a pleasant scent. The company is located in the US, where it gets its hemp extract to manufacture high-quality products. You can go over this review on Joy Organics to know more about the brand.

The product of Joy Organics contains no trace of THC, so you can be sure of a pain treatment that has no mind-altering effects on you. It has a non-greasy, smooth feeling on the skin and gives quick relief to pain on the skin.

The Nanotechnology used on breaking down the molecules of the CBD ensures that the salve is absorbed immediately after application. This makes this product very effective and best for quick pain relief.


• It contains no THC, so you don’t have to worry about getting drugged or feeling high.

• The product is of premium quality.

• The essential oils added are 100% organic. 

• The CBD extract is 100% organic.

• It’s shipped for free.

• A guaranteed money-back policy within 30 days after purchase.


• It’s expensive.

• No other scents are available.

=> Visit the Official Website of Joy Organics


• The CBD extract used is 100% natural and pure – the hemp plants are home-grown in Colorado and no chemicals are used on them in the process of growth. The hemp extraction process does not use harsh chemicals but rather advanced technology.

• Other Ingredients added are all-natural – Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils are added to the CBD extract so as to enhance its scent and give a soothing feeling to the skin. 

• It’s made of broad-spectrum CBD extract that is THC-free but contains all the other hemp plant nutrients. 

• It’s packed in two different potencies – You can choose to use the 500mg jar or the 1000mg jar. The different potencies allow the customers to buy the CBD Salve according to their needs.

• Premium Quality – This Company has made a name for itself in this industry as a producer of premium quality products and the customers love it very much. The process of extraction and manufacturing of the product is monitored, and the standards are maintained very high.

Lab Testing

Rigorous in-house testing is done on all their products, even after a closely monitored production process. More to that, the company involves an external independent third-party laboratory that performs further tests on the finished product to certify that the product is pure and safe for human use. 

=> Visit the Official Website of Joy Organics for the Best Discount

Shipping & Returns

The company ships all its products for free all across the US, and the customers can return the product and get their money back within 30 days after purchase. 

Factors Considered in the Selection Criteria of the CBD Creams

Different factors easily chopped off most of the products from our list of many products. The ones listed in this article as best gave the best results in almost all the considered eliminating factors.

These factors include:

• Hemp Source – By considering the hemp source, we were able to determine whether the hemp plants were grown naturally or organically and what strain of hemp it is. Hemp plants grown in the US are the best as they are grown under supervision and monitored by strict guidelines for growth. They contain no chemicals and contaminants.

• Hemp extraction process – Different companies choose different methods to obtain the hemp extract from the hemp plant. Some methods are safe and leave no chemical traces while other methods involve using harsh chemicals that leave traces in the extract.

• Brand reputation – Do people recommend this brand? What level of respect is accorded to this brand compared to other similar companies? The more reputable a brand is, the more you can trust it. 

• Quality of Production – This involves looking through the whole manufacturing process to determine whether all the set guidelines in terms of the standard are followed.

• Type of the Topical CBD product – Is it cream, Salve, Gel, or Spray? Using this factor, we were able to separate them into their different categories and test them differently.

• Ingredients – While some companies use 100% natural Ingredients, there are those that consider adding some artificial Ingredients to improve their effectiveness.

• Potency – This is the quantity of CBD present in the products. The potency of the products makes a difference in the effectiveness of the product. 

• Usage Instructions – Does the manufacturer furnish the user with enough instructions on the use of the products? A good manufacturer will attach an instruction manual on the product so that the user can use the product correctly.

• Transparency – A genuine company provides the customers with information about the manufacturing process, ingredients, any certificates acquired by the company, and other details. Most companies display this information on their official websites.

• People’s Reviews – When people enjoy using a product and get excellent results, they share their experiences with other people so that they can enjoy them too. The vice versa is also true. We took time to go through the reviews left online by the users of different products to get a glimpse of their experience.

Does CBD Cream Work For Pain?

Pharmaceutical products are slowly getting outrun by CBD products because the CBD products have the ability to reduce pain more healthily and naturally. 

Since CBD was legalized in the US, there has been a constant growth in the number of people opting for the products to manage pain, anxiety, sleep, and other health issues. 

Let’s have a rundown on how it works.

CBD and other Cannabinoids

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. There are more than a hundred other cannabinoids, including THC, which is known for its psychoactive effects on a person.

CBD, in its pure form, has the ability to reduce pain naturally, without having an effect on brain function. This characteristic makes it the most preferred cannabinoid for use by many people.

CBD in the Body

Once the CBD is used on the body, whether as a cream, or other forms of administration, it works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in the body. 

The ECS is responsible for the production of endocannabinoids in the body, which act as neurotransmitters to bind cannabinoid receptors. CBDs interact with the cannabinoid receptors, giving a much faster relief to the body. 

Studies on CBD

There are no conclusive results on the effects of CBD in the human body, other than their ability to effectively alleviate pain. It’s not clear yet how they do it, but some studies have shown that they act by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Even though THC has mind-altering effects, some studies have shown that CBDs coupled with THC have better results, especially in patients dealing with arthritis and other chronic illnesses. 

Buyer’s Guide for the CBD Cream

We know that the market is overflowing with different brands of CBD Creams, all claiming to be the best. As a buyer, you need to be informed on what’s best out there and what you should look out for when you go shopping for a CBD cream. 

First, it’s important to take your time to do research on CBD and understand how it works, how it’s extracted, and the whole manufacturing process. Also, check the other ingredients that are added to the creams, whether to enhance scent or effectiveness and determine how they work and how safe they are. 

We have come up with a checklist for you to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing a CBD cream for your pain.

• Hemp Source & Quality – Not all hemp plants are grown organically in safe environments or following the laid-out standards for growth. That’s why you should check the source and quality. The best quality hemp products come from the USA, where their growth is closely monitored to ensure high quality and no chemicals used.

• CBD Potency – Even from our top five lists that we have discussed, you’ll notice that they package their CBD cream in different potencies. This helps the customers to buy what they need. If you are experiencing intense pain, you might want to consider products that are of high potency, but if you are having mild to moderate pain, you can consider a product with lower potency. 

• Added Ingredients – Check whether all the ingredients added are natural and their benefits to the body. Most companies add some plant extracts to give a good scent to the product and also enhance absorbency. Some of those added Plant extracts might contain allergic properties and that’s why it’s important to check.

• Lab Testing – Genuine CBD companies ensure that their products have undergone third-party lab testing procedures in order to cement trust in their products. These Laboratories are independent and give unbiased results. This process of external lab testing checks for potency and purity.

• Brand Reputation – It’s important to check out what people are saying about a certain brand. Instead of checking on their official websites, you can try to check reviews from alternative medicine sites and see what is written about the product. Happy people tell of their good experience and you know that’s a product you can trust. 

• Shipping Policies – Different companies have different requirements when it comes to shipping. Some have no problem delivering it to you for free, while others set conditions, like free shipping for products above $60. You’ll need to check which one you think works best for you. 

• Guarantees & Returns – Different brands have different return policies and guarantees that come with the product. It’s important to check what the company in question offers so that you can be sure you’ll get your money back in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

• Value for Money – Is the cream worth the amount you’re paying? Before choosing a price range for the product, it’s important to determine its effectiveness and keep into consideration all the discussed factors.

How Is CBD Cream Used?

CBD Creams are designed for topical use, and so they should be applied gently on the skin. This is very easy as there is no stipulated procedure on how to do it. 

So far, there are no side effects of using CBD Creams, nor do they contain harsh chemicals and so these creams do not require a doctor’s prescription.

Here’s how to do it. Take a little cream using your fingers and rub it on the area where there is pain and inflammation. Massage the area gently allowing the cream to be absorbed by the skin tissues until the cream dries from the skin. Some creams are absorbed faster than others depending on the ingredients in the product and its texture. 

Depending on the potency of the cream and the instructions given by the manufacturer, you can use the cream once or twice per day. If you are a first-time user, you may want to use the product in low doses first before going for higher doses. 

Some creams are aromatized by adding different aromatic plant extracts so that they can drive away from the uncomfortable hemp smell. Some companies choose to package their products with this natural hemp scent and that might be uncomfortable for you. While making a purchase, it’s necessary to check out for some of these things. A good smell can help alleviate pain and give a refreshing feeling.

CBD products can produce different results in different people that is why you should choose a cream that fits your problem and your needs. Most manufacturers attach an instructions manual to the products so that they can help you get the most out of their products. If after using a product and you notice that it’s not working for you as you had anticipated, you can always go for another one with a higher potency. 

While using CBD Creams, it’s possible to get a reaction because of the ingredients added to the CBD. If you get any reaction or irritation, you should stop using the product and seek medical attention.

Conclusion: Which CBD Cream Should You Buy For Pain Relief?

The quickest way to alleviate localized pain like on the joints and an inflamed part of your skin is to use a CBD Cream. Some of these creams act within minutes to take away the pain and relax muscles. Other CBD products such as oils and gummies require ingestion and may take much longer to act on the pain.

In this review, we have discussed our top five CBD Creams. Each one of them is special in the way it’s made, and the care taken in producing it. Most companies pay attention to quality and their products are taken through secondary testing in independent third-party laboratories to make sure that the quality remains uncompromised. 

We have listed them in order of preference and quality, so the best according to this list would be the creams from FAB CBD as well as Cheef Botanicals. However, the choice is independently yours as we encourage you to go for one that suits your needs.