Bukit Assek rep proposes visitors movement research outdoors the CBD

Lau (fourth from right) receives recognition from IRJ President Monica Chua, Chieng (second from right) from IRJ Secretary Yek Choo Eng, Tiang from IRJ Treasurer Chia Shu Kiong, and Simon Tiong (left) from IRJ Vice President Jane Moh look up – Photo by Peter Boon

SIBU (January 2): Bukit Assek MP Joseph Chieng has proposed that a traffic flow study outside the Central Business District (CBD) be carried out here, as traffic is particularly high at rush hour.

Speaking here at the Institute of Rejang Journalists (IRJ) annual general meeting over Christmas dinner yesterday, he pointed out that no such study has been conducted outside of the CBD area.

“A few days ago I visited the JKR (Public Works Department) and the local councils. I suggest that I want to do a traffic flow study. Because a few years ago we carried out a traffic flow study in the CBD area to investigate how the traffic flow in the urban area can be improved.

“But we haven’t done any (a traffic flow study) outside of the CBD area. We all know that nowadays roads like Jalan Oya, Jalan Deshon, Jalan Ling Kai Cheng, Jalan Wong King Huo and Jalan Salim are among other things congested, especially during rush hour.

“So I believe it is time for us to do a traffic flow study that I (Pelawan MP) Michael Tiang will be working on, especially now that he is in charge of the portfolio as Deputy Minister of Public Health, Housing and local government holds II (local government).

“We can raise funds to conduct this study to find professional solutions that we can propose to the state government (for implementation) to solve the traffic problem in Sibu,” Chieng said.

He added, “Give us time so we can come up with some solutions because after I was elected as YB (Elected Representative) I received a lot of calls, especially on roads, drainage and so on.”

He assured everyone that as the elected representatives of the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) they will serve the people wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile, Tiang said that the GPS team in Sibu, consisting of Nangka MP Dr.

Tiang also mentioned that he’s very excited about his portfolio, where he could work closely with the division’s health department here on the fight against Covid-19, particularly with the advent of Omicron.

In addition, he said tackling the flood problem was their top priority.

He explained the importance of doing an overall plan where consultants are hired to conduct studies on the Sibus drainage system rather than tackling the problem piecemeal.

Regarding public transport, he also mentioned that he was seriously considering a full bus network for Sibu.

Apart from that, he praised the members of the IRJ for their professionalism in reporting.

“People are informed with facts, not fake news,” said Tiang.

Temenggong Dato Vincent Lau believed that both Chieng and Tiang, with their enthusiasm and lofty spirit, can do a lot for Sibu, although their five-year terms are not long.

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