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Much has been said about the health benefits of CBD and how it can help manage many of the most common ailments. From lack of sleep to feelings of anxiety and depression, CBD can help lift moods and make you feel more relaxed. It is also effective for pain relief. Can products like CBD oil be just as effective for more serious illnesses? Here we look at whether CBD oil can help people with health problems and whether its use can aid cancer regression.

Cancer regression study

Recently, news reports linked CBD oil to cancer regression, based on a case study of an elderly patient. The 80-year-old woman received no conventional treatment for lung cancer, but used CBD oil on a daily basis. This caught the imagination of some media outlets linking CBD oil consumption and cancer regression, but this link has not been fully established. Over the years, many studies have explored the health benefits of CBD use, and there are websites like CFAH that offer informative advice on increasing health and wellbeing through CBD use.

As with many alternative treatments for serious illness, further study and research is always welcome. For most people, using CBD oil and CBD products can be an effective way to relieve aches and pains from aches and pains, sprains, sore muscles, and more, and right now, this is the best way to use CBD.

Other conditions that were studied

In addition to cancer regression, there have been other studies on the effectiveness of CBD in other serious illnesses. People with neurological conditions like epilepsy have seen in studies that CBD oils are associated with the potential to provide support due to the way CBD reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Similarly, in people suffering from anxiety and depression, symptoms can be improved with the use of CBD, which helps to lift mood and relieve anxiety. Links to general heart health have also been made, including CBD, which helps lower high blood pressure. As with all claims about the effectiveness of CBD, more research is ongoing and the results are currently showing positivity for the use of CBD. This is one of the reasons CBD products have become so popular, and many more know that it has its benefits while not producing the psychoactive “high” commonly seen with cannabis use.

How to Use CBD in Your Routine

People should consider alternative health products in a balanced way, weighing the positive and negative aspects equally. The good news is that CBD oil has many positive properties and that is why you can find not only CBD oils and supplements, but a wide range of CBD-infused edibles, beverages, skin care products, lotions, vapes, and more. Enjoyed as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, taking the correct dosage of CBD every day can help some feel better, while others may find it more difficult to measure effectiveness.

If you haven’t used CBD oils before, you can easily incorporate it into your day and see how it can help you. Something as simple as using a CBD moisturizer or CBD tea bag can introduce you to the health benefits so you can come to your own conclusions.

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