Cape City parking marshals might return to the CBD by finish of November

Cape Town’s CBD showed some signs of life under the Level 3 lockdown.

PHOTO: Aljoscha Kohlstock / News24

  • Park rangers in the city of Cape Town will soon be able to work again.
  • The city said the pandemic and lockdown restrictions played a role in parking operations in the city’s business districts.
  • The city assumes that the park rangers could be back by the end of November.

The park rangers in Cape Town could resume their work at the end of November if everything goes as planned.

Since the service provider’s contract expired in June last year, motorists have not had to pay any parking fees in the CBD.

The City of Cape Town said the pandemic and lockdown restrictions played an important role in managing parking operations in Cape Town’s business districts that were stalling.

The city relies on specialized contractors for these services.

“Given the economic climate, private sector interest was low when requests for quotations were launched in March 2021 and a second round in May 2021 Transport, Rob Quintas.

According to the city, the process is underway to procure a new parking management contract in Cape Town CBD, Sea Point, Claremont, Newlands and Bellville.

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“If everything goes according to plan, the new contractor should be appointed by the end of September 2021,” confirmed the city.

Given the complexity involved in managing parking bays, it will take the contractor time to procure equipment and hire and train staff.

The city said that the parking lots in these areas cannot be managed until the end of November 2021.

Quintas said:

If there are no unforeseen challenges or delays, parking guards should be on duty in these areas before the start of the Christmas season.

“We can assure local residents and businesses that the Department of Transportation is doing everything in their power to ensure the administration begins urgently. We understand that customers need parking to visit businesses in these areas,” said Quintas.

The city said it had to follow a due process in getting its contracts and it took time to do so.

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