CBD Espresso From Lamborghini? Yep, It is Occurring.

Movie fans who attended in 1969 will surely remember the opening sequence of The Italian Job, with those heartbreaking hairpin turns through the Italian Alps – and the car that skilfully mastered them: a Lamborghini, stunning in design and fiery in his (and the) Downfall of his die-hard driver).

Ferrucio Lamborghini founded his high-end automobile company in 1963. In the years since then, the brand has spawned many multi-million dollar bad boy pictures of their sports cars in action (remember Christian Bale at the wheel in Batman Begins?).

This is just the image that cannabis CEO Luis Merchan wants to cultivate for the new cannabis coffee brand, which he is bringing to market in US retail stores early next year in collaboration with the luxury goods brand of the auto company Tonino Lamborghini.

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Where coffee, cannabis and cars meet

“I really don’t want this picture to get out of your head,” said Merchan, who heads Floral Growth, a Canada-based international cannabis grower and consumer products company. “What I want to see is a can drink in [the driver’s] right hand while his left hand is on the steering wheel. That’s part of our strategy … we don’t want to separate the luxury brand from the product we’re developing. “

“Luxury” is the trademark of Tonino Lamborghini, the Italian high-end consumer goods brand that is run in the third generation of the family. That Lamborghini driver? Today he could wear a Tonino Lamborghini watch ($ 2,385) and sunglasses ($ 299), carry a briefcase ($ 540), and light his smoke with a Lamborghini lighter ($ 164). Maybe he’s sipping an expensive Tonino Lamborghini coffee, most of which is only available in the EU.

But that’s fine, because cannabis (defined here as non-psychoactive CBD and CBG) infused cold brew will be marketed in the US and America through the end of the first quarter, Merchan said in a recent interview. “From Flora’s point of view, we make coffee with exceptional ingredients so that people feel great,” Merchan said in a recent interview. “The second [point] is, frankly, it’s not our brand; it’s Lamborghini and Lamborghini is a world-famous brand. “

The well-known red sign of the luxury house with a prancing bull being dropped from its black container (for the coffee, 12- to 16-ounce cans), Merchan predicted, people would rely solely on the three new CBD-infused Lamborghini Coffees attract options.

Flavors for fast cars

One of them is fortified with vanilla, one is not. The third selection includes CBG to help drinkers relax and focus. As for the CBD coffees, the effects of these broths are “no different than the kick from caffeine,” said the executive. “At this point, what CBD does to you is only anecdotal, but consumers tell us that it helps with focus and relaxation. they don’t experience a ‘crash’. “

Of course, any claims about the physical effects of CBDs (and other cannabinoids) are still illegal, which is reflected in the marketing of existing cannabis coffee brands like Green Roads and Strava; all may only be sold in “legal” states.

Floral, the partner Lamborghini chose for its own foray into cannabis, was founded in 2019 and is now a publicly traded global company headquartered in Toronto (soon to be relocated to Miami) with small teams in the US and Europe.

The majority of the 200 employees work in Bogota, Colombia, as well as in funding and research institutions in rural areas. Flora emphasizes its organic outdoor growing practices and the use of molecular DNA tracking to ensure quality. The company is in the process of gaining Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification from the European Union for sales in Europe.

Flora’s 24 food and beverage products that contain THC or CBD include expected categories such as infused juices, teas, and topicals, but also unexpected ones such as ghee butter and tuna (made with hemp seed oil); There are also hemp-based clothing and industrial products. Revenue for this full year of operations is projected to be $ 11 million.

Merchan himself, 40 and a native of Colombia, but a longtime U.S. citizen with previous managerial experience at Macy’s department stores, says the partnership with Tonino Lamborghini came about as a result of a presentation by Flora’s chief revenue officer. Many Zoom conversations followed, said the CEO.

Both companies, he said, recognized the global market that cannabis is becoming and what he called “the willingness of old luxury brands to notice that this will be a significant shift in consumer perception of cannabis.

“They are incredibly sophisticated luxury homeowners,” Merchan continued of his Italian partners. “They’ve always wanted to get into the cannabis space but wanted to make sure they were doing it with the company that had the expertise and traceability that would ensure the quality of the [Lamborghini] Products that have made a name for themselves. “