CBD-for-Pets Firm Providing Scholarships for Veterinary College students

California-based veterinary-founded cannabis company VETCBD Hemp offers scholarships for veterinary students, veterinary technicians, and veterinary engineering students. The CEO of VETCBD, Dr. Tim Shu said the grant was “the first of its kind” and “stems from the traditional stigma of cannabis in the veterinary field”.

“Our goal is to change that stigma while continuing to invest in animal health and wellbeing. In states like Colorado, millions of dollars in scholarships have been funded through the legal sale of cannabis, and at VETCBD we aim to directly support those who work to help animals live healthy lives. ”- Shu in a press release

The program awards six six-month scholarships of $ 1,000 that are used toward a student’s tuition. The scholarships, named for a pet in the VETCBD family, are awarded to two veterinary students, two veterinary engineering students, and two registered veterinary technicians with existing study debts. Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

Applicants must be nominated by their colleagues by October 1st. Scoring is based on the nominee’s story and commitment to creating a positive environment for teamwork; The nominee’s story and commitment to integrating and nurturing their peers, and the nominee’s story and commitment to showing compassion and empathy for their patients, clients, and colleagues as per the program rules.

In May, VETCBD announced a partnership with the Best Friends Animal Society to deliver their products to Best Friends and their partners.

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