CBD retailer co-owner has excessive hopes for state’s authorized weed program

Phan is particularly concerned about competition from applicants returning to the East Coast with previous experience selling THC products in states like Washington and California, which have progressed much faster than their counterparts on the Atlantic coast in setting up legal cannabis programs .

“Not only do they have people like me who have started businesses here and have some experience under their belt, but also people who are originally from here who have much deeper experience in a legal market on the west coast,” he said.

Phan opened its first CBD store in SoHo in 2018, followed by its East Village location which opened in May 2019. It had locations in Harlem and Columbus Circle, but closed all of its stores except the East Village location during the pandemic.

Come Back Daily is open Monday through Saturday from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and Phan works there with the three other owners of the store. Despite the problems the pandemic has created for its locations and retail trade in general, the stress and anxiety caused by Covid-19 has led people to use CBD products for reassurance, Phan said.

“People were very, very grateful that we were open or ready to deliver their products to them,” he said. “They said, ‘I need this. I really need this.’ “

Regardless of whether his attempt to become a licensed marijuana dealer succeeds, he remains a huge fan of cannabidiol, which he described as a much tamer substance.

“CBD was special because I’ve been talking about this plant for half my life,” he said. “You can say to someone, ‘Hey, if you have any problems you’re dealing with you should try it. You might think it came from pot, but it really isn’t, and you can’t even get high of which will be “it.” “

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