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If you enjoy using CBD, sharing it with loved ones this season of gifting is an obvious choice. But how do you choose the right product for the right person (or even pet!)? And can you give CBD to anyone?

This article offers a CBD gift guide for all types of people in your life based on their lifestyle. But let’s start with some general pointers.

Who can get a CBD gift?

CBD is safe for most people and pets, making it a great gift for almost everyone. However, if you are thinking about giving away CBD gifts, ask a few questions:

  • How old are you? While there is no legal minimum age for taking CBD, we recommend sticking with adults. That goes for dogs and cats too, so wait until they’re at least a year old.
  • Are you taking any chronic medication? While most medications can be safely taken with CBD, there are some that can be less effective. More information can be found here.
  • How Much CBD Are You Already Using? This will give you an indication of which strength of product to choose. If the answer is “none,” it is best to start with a low concentration as you can always take more if you feel you need more. If they are taking CBD try to find out what type of concentration they are using and give them products that are tailored to it.
  • Are they in a job or other situation that requires a drug test? If so, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them CBD, but you want to make sure the CBD doesn’t contain traces of THC. Fortunately, cbdMD’s superior broad-spectrum formula is guaranteed to have undetectable levels of THC, so you can pick any product that contains it, which is the most of them. The only exceptions are the full-spectrum tinctures and softgels.

Once you’ve cleared these hurdles, you have a wide range of options.

You can’t go wrong with a simple CBD oil tincture, especially the tasteless version, as it goes well with anything. However, if you want to give something a little more exciting, consider putting together a CBD care package that is tailored to the recipient’s lifestyle. This CBD Gift Guide will just go through a few examples of who might be “nice” (or “naughty” we don’t judge!) On your list and what types of CBD products might be right for them.

CBD gift guide for athletes and fitness fans

Professional athletes are some of the biggest fans of CBD, saying that CBD products help them relax, focus, and recover from tough workouts. Some of the cbdMD products that are particularly popular with the Buff Set are:

  • cbdMD Freeze: Most people who exercise regularly are familiar with menthol rubs, which temporarily cool sore muscles and joints. cbdMD Freeze offers the same advantages. It also offers your choice of CBD concentration, arnica, and vitamin E for exercise recovery.

  • cbdMD Recover: A rich cream containing histamine dihydrochloride for temporary relief from the pain you may have during or after exercise. It also contains concentrations of 300 mg to 3000 mg of CBD, MSM, and Vitamin B6 to help you recover from your exercise routine.

  • CBD Beverage Mixes: All athletes need a lot of moisture, and a CBD drink mix allows them to get it with a CBD infusion! Our drink mixes are sugar-free and a good source of vitamin C and CBD, so they give workouts an all-round body boost. Choose a 10-pack with a lemonade, peach, or kiwi and strawberry flavor.

  • cbdMD Relieve: An innovative liquid lidocaine cream that can temporarily relieve a sore neck, back or shoulder. Add CBD to help loved ones recover from their toughest days of training and you have something any fitness enthusiast will love. Even better, it’s available as a roll-on applicator or a handy spray that gets the right dose – even when you hold it upside down!

A gift for beginners

As mentioned earlier, when looking to start someone out on CBD, it is a good idea to focus on low concentration products. And by giving them a range of products to choose from, they can figure out which delivery method is best for them.

For this reason we developed our CBD Starter Kit. It’s a CBD gift set that brings together some of our most popular products – CBD Freeze, CBD Gummies, and Berry-flavored CBD Oil Tincture – in the lowest concentration of 300 mg per bottle. And to be on the safe side, we’ve added the capsule version of our CBD PM sleep aid!

Gifts for stressed out

If you know someone who is constantly on the go because of a busy career, school attendance, parenting, or a combination of the above, CBD can be an ideal gift as it helps users relax and stay calm.

But if you really want to help your loved ones relax, filling your gift box with CBD bath bombs is an added treat. Each bomb contains 100 mg of CBD, Epsom salts, kaolin clay and a color and essential oil of your choice: lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense or our special blend. If you don’t want to pick just one, try our CBD Bath Bomb 4-Pack!

Another great gift for those who are stressed is a CBD sleep aid. Our award-winning formula contains melatonin, valerian root, chamomile, lemon balm and hops and is available in both a tincture and a softgel. And if you want to combine the two gift ideas above, check out our night bath salts!

Gifts for beauty professionals

Our cbdMD Botanicals brand offers a wide range of CBD skin care products for all skin types. So, if you have someone around you who loves to experiment with beauty products, any of them are good choices. And they are all vegan, GMO-free and free of sulfates and parabens, so a particularly good choice for fans of natural skin care.

A good all-purpose gift is our Body Care Bundle, which contains our body sugar scrub, a tube of CBD body butter and our spray dry body oil. All three products in a bundle have the same scent, which you can choose depending on the preferences of the recipient: tropical pure coconut, sweet and tart lavender chamomile or the fresh, invigorating Deep Sea scent (the latter is a good choice for boys!).

Gift guide for pet owners

There are many CBD animal products available for dog and cat lovers, from tinctures to edibles to specially formulated products for joint and kidney health. But when you’re gifting CBD to a pet parent in your life, it’s a great idea to combine something for the pets with something their people will love, too.

For example, a dog owner might appreciate getting CBD dog treats or CBD peanut butter to keep their dogs happy, but they would be even happier if they also got their own treats in the form of CBD gums.

Likewise, anyone who owns (or owns!) A cat will

The best gift for seasoned travelers

Travel has picked up again this year, so it is a great time to get hold of a CBD gift for the jetsetters in your life.

If you know someone who uses CBD to maintain their fast-paced lifestyle, consider the CBD Expert Kit. It contains a highly potent version of CBD Freeze, along with 1500 mg of CBD capsules for daily wellbeing, CBD-PM tincture to help maintain the right sleep cycle, and CBD gums with vitamin C for added health benefits. Everything in one compact box!

CBD gifts for YOU

The holidays can be very stressful for all of us, especially when we have lots of people to find gifts for. As you pull it all up, make plans, and shop for everyone on your list, make sure you take care of yourself too.

You can take care of your daily well-being with CBD Freeze for the days when you overdo it and CBD softgels to support your everyday life. There are even CBD gums with vitamin C for that extra dose of sunshine that is so important this time of year.

Or add extra calming self-care with CBD bath bombs, oil tinctures, or CBD-PM to make sure you’re getting your beauty sleep so you’re ready to tackle your shopping list.

CBD gifts for everyone!

This gift guide is just a selection of the types of CBD gifts you can get for different people in your life. If you want to put together a nice, bespoke package, head over to our Bundle & Save page where you can create the perfect gift box of CBD for everyone on your list. To wrap up another crazy year, we could all use the gift of CBD!

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