CBN Oil for Sleeping Is Higher Than Melatonin and CBD

We may still be trying to find out if CBD actually works, but I’m here to say it’s time to think about CBN instead. I had the opportunity to try Calm by Wellness’s Sleep Oil Tincture, a melatonin-free sleep aid that is filled with 1000 mg of CBD plus 90 mg of CBN. After trying it for a full week I can say that it has earned a permanent place on my bedside table.

Calm by Wellness CBD + CBN sleep oil tincture

So let’s quickly start with what CBN oil is and why you should care. According to the brand, CBN oil contains a similar component to CBD (i.e., a non-intoxicating compound made from hemp). It arises from the breakdown of THC molecules that are released after CBN-a (CBN acid) is created in the harvesting process. Early evidence suggests that CBN acts as a “sedating cannabinoid with greater potency than most drugs.” This means that it can work together with CBD for maximum calming effects while also helping your brain get the rest it needs.

Now back to sleep oil. There are oils and tinctures I’ve tried before that have helped me slow things down, but this is the first one I’ve tried that actually affected my sleep. A quarter of an hour after taking a full pipette, I can feel my legs tingling. It’s not overwhelming, but it feels like I’ve settled in a warm bath and don’t want to move. Most sleep aids contain melatonin, which many people are sensitive to, but sleep oil tincture does not. I’m not overly sensitive to melatonin, but after taking melatonin, I felt foggy and slow in the morning. Even after taking this oil every night for a week, I woke up with a clear head (although I desperately need coffee which is its own problem). I’ll warn you that it has a very, very strong taste of blueberries, but I would take that over from the au de marijuana taste that most CBD oils have. If you’ve had restless nights – nobody would blame you these days – I can’t stress how much adding an eyedropper to my nightly routine changed my whole day.

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