Chairman of hashish motion committees optimistic about getting signatures

CASPER, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) – Petitions to decriminalize marijuana and legal media marijuana on the 2022 ballot have been public for about a week. Signature collectors are optimistic that they will get enough in a year and a half.

“At the pace we are currently reaching, we see no problem in collecting the amount we need to get on the ballot,” said Shawn Johnson, chairman of the cannabis action committee. Over 1,000 signatures have been collected in the Casper area. The purpose of signing this petition is to keep these initiatives on the 2022 ballot. “It’s not legal when we have the signatures. It’s just about getting it on the ballot so people can vote on it, ”Johnson said.

The goal of getting these initiatives on the ballot is to help people in physical pain or have some other option. “The main driving factor is this other way people can get help, especially in the area of ​​pain management, so that they don’t become addicted to opiates. Cannabis can provide pain relief in a non-addictive mansion, ”said Johnson.

Johnson adds that another potential benefit to these initiatives that come on the vote is the opportunity for a more diverse economy.

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