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Every Friday, we evaluate the performance of dozen of cannabis stocks by comparing similar companies for subscribers to our premium subscription service 420 Investor. We discussed this process a little over a year ago, describing the different subsectors that make up the entire cannabis sector.

Today we are breaking down the market a little differently, including 4 levels of multi-state operators, 3 levels of subsidiary companies, 3 levels of Canadian licensed manufacturers, Canadian retailers, CBD companies, international operators and biotech companies, for a total of 14 different subsectors .

In the past, cannabis stocks have tended to move in unison for the most part, but we suggested last June that we expect returns to increasingly diverge, and this will certainly be the case through 2021.

Since the beginning of the second quarter, the New Cannabis Ventures Global Cannabis Stock Index has fallen 15.8%, following a rally of 41% in the first quarter. While the largest MSOs have returned a similar amount on average since late March, returns have varied widely, with Green Thumb Industries dropping just 0.5% and Trulieve 28%:

Similarly, returns on revenue fluctuated significantly in the second tier of MSOs, with Harvest benefiting from the Trulieve acquisition:

Returns on the largest Canadian LPs have fluctuated significantly, with Canopy Growth declining almost twice as much as Cronos Group:

A particularly stark contrast is in the ancillary financial sector, where Innovative Industrial Properties rose 19% while Power REIT fell 18%:

While Power REIT has lagged the index slightly and its competitors more clearly, it far outperformed even the best-performing CBD company:

We have only shared a few subsectors and only over a single period of time, but the variability in returns is pretty obvious beyond our examples. The year-to-date rating for the largest cannabis companies by market capitalization further illustrates this. Of the 14 companies with a market capitalization of $ 2.4 billion or more, only three outperformed the 18.7% return on the Global Cannabis Stock Index. Of the remaining 11, 7 have positive returns but lag behind the index, and 4 have even declined:

These 14 largest companies lagged the overall market as they averaged 11% return since the start of the year, another sign that investors need to focus on stock picking rather than just betting on the biggest companies. Smaller companies averaged higher returns in 2021, but picking the right stocks was important. Getting hold of stocks like GW Pharma and Harvest Health & Recreation prior to the announcement of their takeover bids certainly helped generate outperforming returns.

The fundamentals and dynamics of the subsectors and the stocks they contain vary more than ever. Unsurprisingly, we see volatility in equity returns. In our view, cannabis investors are well served to spend time analyzing individual stocks rather than taking a more passive approach such as picking the largest stocks.

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