August 3, 2021



Clarendon Resort turns into Arizona’s first cannabis-friendly resort

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In November 2020, a proposal was passed that affectively legalized the recreational use of cannabis for those over 21 in Arizona. New Owner of Clarendon Hotel and Spa, a pioneering four-star boutique hotel in Central Phoenix, Announces It is Arizona’s First Cannabis Friendly Hotel On July 25, guests will now have the option to book cannabis-friendly rooms, by calling the hotel at 602-252-7363 or using the Bud and Breakfast website at More information is available at Follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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The Clarendon Hotel’s cannabis bedrooms are on the west side of the hotel grounds, where guests can enjoy edibles, flowers, and vape purchased from a local pharmacy. The consumption of cannabis flowers is only allowed in designated areas. To buy cannabis, the hotel will offer a car service that will take guests to a pharmacy.

The only difference in the cannabis rooms is that each contains a “scrubber” that circulates the air to keep things fresh. A stronger cleaner is used between guests for a more thorough cleaning of the area. Smoking cigarettes is not prohibited in any of the hotel rooms.

“We’re a cannabis-friendly hotel and we have a cannabis-friendly events company that elevates and educates the community about cannabis,” said Daron Brotherton, VP Operations.

Chef Derek Upton, known as Arizona Cannabis Chef and featured on Netflix Cooked with Cannabis and Food Networks first-ever Chopped 420, is available to offer in-room cannabis-infused dinners. Guests can also sign up for his Elevated Under the Stars, an intimate dinner party with a cannabis-infused 6-course dining experience on the Skydeck. During the heat of the summer months, the event location is outside and inside.