Colorado State College Launches CBD Veterinary Survey

The latest McGrath and Duerr CBD study, nationally recognized for their extensive CBD research, will gather information on veterinary recommendations of CBD / cannabis products for their customers’ pets. The study was designed to collect aggregated research data on current and targeted use of CBD / cannabis products in pets and is being conducted by students and faculty at the from Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and edited by McGrath and Dürr.

McGrath, certified neurologist and associate professor at the CSU The James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Neurological Service specializes in the research and treatment of seizure disorders, inflammatory brain diseases, and a variety of spinal cord diseases. She researches infectious etiologies and treatment options for inflammatory brain diseases in dogs, the use of cannabidiol in veterinary medicine and the use of stem cells in spinal cord injuries.

Durr, Associate Professor of Small Animal Orthopedics with a Specialist in Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and Surgery, focuses on clinical studies to improve animal health and quality of life related to musculoskeletal problems, with a particular focus on osteoarthritis. As head of the orthopedic medicine and mobility service of the hospital, Dürr’s research projects include the evaluation of new treatment options for arthritis and the development of novel gait analyzes and other techniques for the objective measurement of results in clinical studies.

The CBD Veterinary Research Study is made possible by funding from Colorado based, RYTE CBD. “CSUs The College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences is a national leader in animal health research and treatment, and we are proud to have the research of Dr. McGrath and Dr. Dürr to support possible CBD applications in veterinary medicine, “said RYTE CBD CEO Eric White. “We are honored to launch and support this important survey at the same time CSUs still thought leaders in animal care. “

All pet owners are invited to take part in the survey. To participate, please click on the following LINK.