Components to Maintain in Thoughts About Hashish Fogging

The world of cannabis is constantly changing due to new laws and regulations. The new legalizations have enabled the adaptation of improved processes and technologies.

Proper growing conditions are important for growing cannabis. Despite the benefits of using greenhouses and indoor grow rooms, these facilities have their own needs, such as pest control solutions, odor control, and hygiene.

By using a mist system, cannabis growers can alleviate these challenges by automating the process, reaching into small crevices, and being able to adapt to a site’s needs.

How fogging helps pest control

Integrated Pest Control (IPM) such as hydrogen peroxide based additives or various essential oil blends can be measured and infused directly into nebulization systems. Some systems even have a precise and automated schedule that breeders can control, allowing full coverage.

How fogging helps with hygiene

Certain microbial life forms pose different risks to the health of plants and humans. Getting rid of mold and mildew is essential for cannabis growers. According to Koolfog, safe and thorough disinfectants can be used with a pressure mist system. A fog system can completely penetrate a blooming canopy or cover corridors and common areas of employees and reach into the farthest crevices.

How to control odor with a fog system

Controlling the smell of cannabis is a constant challenge. For many institutions, this is an expensive and time consuming undertaking. Using a nebulization system with natural odor neutralizers can trap and break down cannabis odors. The concentration of the odor neutralizer and the frequency of its release can be adapted to the requirements of the location. It can be automatically delivered to where it is needed.