Council Tables First Studying of Amended Hashish Ordinance – Once more – Pasadena Now

The city council again presented the first reading of the amended Pasadena cannabis regulation on Monday.

In August, the council voted to amend the ordinance to increase the number of licensed pharmacies in the city and to change the spacing requirements between these outlets.

But then put the first reading in so more work could be done.

The new regulations will make it possible to increase the number of cannabis retailers in each of the city’s seven boroughs from one to three and reduce the required distance between retailers from 300 feet to 450 feet.

“By reducing the separation distance and increasing it by up to three locations per municipality, additional potential locations are being developed. The city-wide limit of six permits remains in place so that the absolute potential number of retailers does not increase, ”said a city employee report. “This legislation is also needed to correct a mistake in the separation of distances between cannabis laboratories and other cannabis users to bring them in line with other similar separation requirements.”

Opponents of the new regulation point to the lack of a social justice program.

African Americans and Latinos have borne the brunt of law enforcement for what was then illegal cannabis activity for decades, but now in many communities they are excluded from the economic benefits of legal cannabis sales.

In Pasadena, it cost $ 14,000 just to enter the city’s cannabis licensing process, which some say minorities have been banned from the process.

The city is not expected to consider introducing a social justice program for the cannabis trafficking until next year.

In 2018, voters approved measure CC, which allows a maximum of six pharmacies and requires each shop to keep a distance from other pharmacies as well as from churches, schools, libraries and parks.

The proposed changes would remove these distance restrictions by adopting government regulations.

The city selected six pharmacies in 2019 to advance its process with Integral, Atrium, Sweetflower, MedMen, Harvest and Tony Fong.

So far only two of these pharmacies, Integral and Tony Fong, have opened. Harvest plans to open in District 3, according to an employee report.

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