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RED BLUFF – City council received a report from the cannabis advisory committee Tuesday, discussing what steps the city should take next with the committee’s proposed cannabis regulation.

After several months and input from both the public and the Council, the committee drafted a regulation. Some committee members said an independent review was needed.

The Committee and District Attorney Richard Crabtree recommend that the City Council give the city the opportunity to appoint an independent lawyer who is an expert on the matter to review the proposed regulation.

The proposed lawyers the city could hire are Derek Cole, Tarquin Preziosi, and Nira Doherty.

Cole served as an attorney for cannabis programs in Trinity County for two years. He has handled litigation related to cannabis, including challenging California Environmental Quality Act approvals, processing applications, and administrative matters related to cannabis programs. Its hourly rate is $ 240.

Preziosi works for Jones & Mayer, Fullerton, a law firm that specializes exclusively in municipal law. He has drafted locally sponsored cannabis regulations, initiatives and related tax measures. Its hourly rate is $ 250.

Doherty works exclusively in municipal law. She has drafted many cannabis ordinances and regulations for cities. She has advised cities on the implementation of cannabis programs, cannabis election measures and cannabis tax measures. Their price is $ 355 an hour.

City officials said hiring a skilled attorney would have an impact on the city’s general fund of between $ 4,800 and $ 7,000. They recommend an allocation of $ 7,000 from the general fund for this review process.

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Finance director Sandra Ryan will present the city’s budget for fiscal year 2021-2022, then the council will decide whether to pass it.

The council will discuss whether the city should continue its emergency declaration over the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the staff of the council and the city will meet on Tuesday at 6 p.m. by conference call.

Residents can follow the meeting live on the city’s website. Firefox is the most compatible web browser for listening to the audio of a meeting depending on the city.

Public comments can be emailed to

City clerk Anita Rice said meetings no longer had an opportunity to solicit comments as the city began promoting a Zoom meeting option.

The Zoom meeting can be accessed at