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According to state officials, medical cannabis producers in New Mexico who intend to continue doing business after starting commercial cannabis sales next year will not need to renew their license this summer.

The state’s Department of Health and the Department of Regulation and Licensing said in a letter that current medical cannabis manufacturers can forego the re-registration process that usually takes place during the summer months and wait for an application for licensing through regulation and licensing to be submitted becomes.

The grace period for current producers is part of a transition in oversight of cannabis sales. DOH has run the program since the state medical cannabis program started almost 15 years ago. However, after June 29, almost all aspects of cannabis sales, both recreational and medicinal, will be monitored by RLD, with the exception of the medical cannabis patient registry and the medical cannabis patient purchase restrictions.

Dominick Zurlo, program director for medical cannabis, said in a statement that the grace period is aimed at saving current producers time and energy.

“It makes most sense to spare the licensed non-profit producers of the Medical Cannabis program from having to renew their non-profit renewal papers when they have to prepare and submit their required administrative documents in the coming weeks and months to Get a license to sell cannabis to the general public, ”said Zurlo.

The newly established cannabis control department according to the RLD is legally obliged to set up an advisory board, which is to issue the rules and regulations for cannabis sales by September 1 of this year at the latest. The cannabis control department must also publish these rules and regulations by September 1 of this year. At this point, the department will also start processing applications for manufacturers.

Commercial cannabis sales will begin no later than April 1, 2022, but after June 29 of this year, the possession and use of cannabis by adults 21 and older will no longer be illegal.