HI & MN legal marijuana bills upfront; AL decrim vote; Senate report slams DEA research block; IA Psilocybin Listening

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The US Senate Caucus on International Drug Control published a report on marijuana raising concerns about teenage use and driving disorders – and urges federal officials to consider recommending THC potency limits for states – but also highlights and criticizes some of the benefits of legalization Drug Enforcement Administration for Blocking Research.

  • The panel, co-chaired by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and John Cornyn (R-TX) recognizes the “growing popularity” of legal marijuana, says that the “US cannabis industry is thriving” and acknowledges that “Cultivation and sales have largely shifted from Mexican cartels to US companies operating in legal, state markets. “

Jim Justice, West Virginia Governor (R) said he would sign a law to legalize marijuana if lawmakers sent one to him. Although he has some concerns, he noted that medical experts say legal cannabis can reduce “drug problems” in the opioid overdose crisis.

The Hawaii Senate Judiciary and Appointments Committees approved a law to legalize marijuana and sent it to the Senate as the next step. Legislators have also developed legislation in support of expanding the state’s existing law decriminalizing cannabis.

The Minnesota House Workforce and Business Development Finance and Policy Committee approved the majority leader’s marijuana legalization law. It is the third panel to complete the measure in as many weeks.

The Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee voted to pass a law decriminalizing marijuana possession. Last week, the entire Senate passed a medical cannabis bill.

On Iowa House Public Safety Subcommittee held a first hearing on a bill to decriminalize psilocybin. People who have benefited from the use of the psychedelic testified, as did a therapist, but the legislature did not advance the legislation.


A top National Security Council Officials reportedly told Mexican officials that the two countries needed a “new strategy” in the war on drugs.

The Drug Enforcement Administration warned of scammers posing as agents asking for money or personal information.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted in response to a picture on the back of the book “House420” by former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) talked about plans to introduce laws on psychedelics research.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) said she was “determined” to enact justice-centered marijuana law.


Florida Agriculture Commissioner tweeted, “While other states are promoting marijuana, Florida Republicans want to restrict access and impose a new tax on patients. We should improve our medical program and legalize adult marijuana. “

The Georgia senate approved a bill to clarify the definition of hemp processing.

The South Dakota The Senate Health and Social Welfare Committee amended a bill to delay implementation of the state’s Medical Cannabis Act and add positive defense for patients who are meanwhile charged. Meanwhile it is State Affairs Committee of the House killed a bill to enact regulations allowing recreational marijuana sales.

The Idaho The House Agricultural Affairs Committee passed a law to legalize hemp.

The Missouri The Senate Senate’s Committee on Seniors, Families, Veterans and Military Affairs held a hearing on a bill to prohibit family courts from discriminating against parents or carers for the use of medicinal cannabis.

The chairman of the Washington, DC The council said the panel is ready to pass legalizing marijuana “as soon as Congress lifts its ban”.

Republican of the Colorado Senate tweeted: “Democrats are pushing for bill to spend $ 4 million on growing the marijuana industry instead of helping companies currently in trouble.” they also tweeted Assisting the advancement of legislation to give students access to cannabis medication in schools.

Wyoming Agents introduced a law to legalize marijuana.

ON Maine Representative submits an invoice to enable small medical cannabis vendors to form cooperatives.

Alaska Regulators are considering doubling the amount of THC allowed in marijuana foods. Separately a member of the Marijuana Control Board was not reappointed.

Oklahoma Medical cannabis tax revenue of $ 5.5 million was generated in February.

Oregon Regulators will consider changes to streamline marijuana licensing on March 15.

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The The Vegas, Nevada The city council voted to allow marijuana dispensaries to have drive-through windows.

A lawsuit has been filed against Detroit, Michigan Residence rules for marijuana entrepreneurs.


Fiji The attorney general said the government has no plans to legalize medical cannabis.


One study found that “lifelong cannabis use, 12 months of cannabis use, and 12 months of cannabis use frequency were not associated with the incidence of hypertension. ”

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The Democratic Party of Virginia tweeted about the legislature’s passage of a law to legalize marijuana.

Representative of American Medical Association, New York State PTA and Law Enforcement Agencies held a press conference to speak out against legalizing marijuana in New York.


Eaze’s The vice president of operations testified under an immunity arrangement in a federal criminal case that he worked with a defendant to cover up the billing of marijuana transactions from banks and credit card companies.

Columbia Care Inc. provisional quarterly combined income of $ 87 million.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. Conclusion of an option purchase agreement with Stanley Brothers USA Holdings, Inc.

Terra Tech Corp. has entered into an agreement to acquire UMBRLA, Inc.

MedMen’s co-founders are reportedly now working for Coastal Dispensary.

Black completed the acquisition of the five remaining Star Buds pharmacies in Colorado that it did not already own.

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