Discovering The Finest CBD Capsules & Tender Gels For Your Wants

ByNicole Richter

CBD capsules are often marketed as a modern and simplified alternative to traditional CBD oil tinctures. They remove many of the factors that can prevent people from trying CBD supplements. As a result, they have quickly become one of the fastest growing niches in the CBD industry.

There are many reasons why people are increasingly looking for products like CBD capsules. There have been a number of studies looking at how regular use of CBD can help improve overall health as well as manage specific health problems.

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With an ever increasing number of people turning to CBD supplements, including capsules, the industry has responded. You can now find a variety of CBD capsule options across a number of online and retail markets.

Knowing where to find the best CBD capsules and soft gels can feel a little daunting at first. We’ve put together a guide to some of the best CBD capsules on the market for you to discover the benefits of CBD supplements.

# 1 PureKana: Best for targeted effects

PureKana took the idea of ​​using CBD capsules as a general supplement one step further, offering a range of capsules designed for specific effects. PureKana CBD capsules include an immune booster capsule, an AM caffeine capsule, and a PM melatonin capsule.

One of the things that PureKana did really well is the ability to use different capsules throughout the day for a truly personalized CBD intake. The other capsules available not only trigger slightly different effects, they also contain different amounts of CBD tailored to their effects.

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There are currently four different capsules to choose from, offering a number of different combinations and effects to suit a person’s specific and health goals. PureKana all-purpose CBD capsules are also available in two different strengths for daily, comprehensive support.

# 2 Premium Jane: Fast-acting CBD soft gels

Premium Jane has two CBD soft gels of different strengths to choose from and both offer the brand’s high-quality organic formula. Premium Jane has grown into a popular CBD brand as it continues to be committed to using only the best organic ingredients possible.

With its rich full-spectrum CBD blend, Premium Jane has created both 25 mg and 40 mg soft gel options that allow their customers to control the amount of CBD they are consuming at the same time. By using full-spectrum CBD, Premium Jane was able to wrap a healthy and natural blend of cannabinoids and terpenes into any fast-acting soft gel.

# 3 Provacan: Best Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Provacan is known for its simple approach to CBD, developing products that deliver effective results with as few ingredients as possible. One of the defining characteristics of Provacan’s CBD capsules is that they offer an experience remarkably similar to their CBD oil tinctures.

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Provacan CBD capsules are made using the same basic formula as their tinctures, which means the two products can be used interchangeably. In both oils and capsules, Provacan uses the rich Cannabis Sativa (L) extract, which contains all of the healthy cannabinoids found in hemp plants.

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The HPMC capsule coating used in all Provacan capsules ensures a smooth experience every time you use it. Provacans capsules are great for both those who are used to CBD capsules and those who want to try them for the first time.

Provacan is committed to making its products as accessible as possible. There are three different strength options to choose from: Provacan ensures that everyone can experience and benefit from their CBD capsules.

# 4 CBD FX: Best Broadband CBD Capsules

The capsules from CBD FX offer the perfect balance between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD. By using a wide spectrum in their capsules, CBD FX can offer all of the essential healthy cannabinoids in hemp plants without the additional compounds (namely THC) that occur in full spectrum products.

CBD FX only uses two additional ingredients to make its CBD capsules: MCT oil and gelatin. This results in a very natural end product. The smooth coating also helps make CBD FX capsules quick and easy to ingest.

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Customer trust and transparency are vital with CBD FX. That’s why they make all third-party laboratory test results available to their customers when they shop. These reports contain important information, including the exact cannabinoids and terpenes found in CBD FX capsules.

# 5 Joy Organics: Best CBD Isolate Capsules

Joy Organics Everyday Formula Soft Gels are the perfect solution if you are looking for a CBD isolate capsule. Joy Organics guarantees their soft gel capsules contain 0% THC and they come with laboratory analysis reports to prove it.

Each Joy Organics soft gel is made with its unique water-soluble nanoemulsion technology that both increases bioavailability and makes it easier to swallow. Each capsule contains exactly 25 mg of pure, third-party tested CBD isolate for effective results that can be enjoyed daily.

This article originally appeared in the Green Market Report and was republished with permission.