According to reports, there is a hemp farm on the nose in Australia, the smell of which is causing problems for some local residents.

The ABC reports that some residents in Victoria who live near a hemp sample in Red Cliffs report headaches resulting from the smell – others say the smell doesn’t affect them.

iHemp Victoria is the officially recognized trade association for industrial hemp in the state. The organization’s president, Darren Christie, said he had never heard of such complaints and that experimental crops had been grown in the Victoria area for the past 15 years.

While this may be the case in Victoria, these reports are not isolated elsewhere. Do a search for the term “hemp farm odor” on Google and you will come across numerous complaints, particularly in the US, where hemp cultivation has grown significantly in recent years.


But Mr. Christie notes that some varieties can have a strong odor while others don’t.

Sometimes unpleasant smells and agriculture go hand in hand. For some people, the smell of cow dung doesn’t bother them, for others it’s a special type of torture – and it’s probably the same for hemp. The smell can be especially strong when the plant is in bloom, so it should be a temporary problem. But that’s easy to tell if it’s not affected by the smell.

The people affected at the Red Cliffs seem to support hemp per se, they just want it to grow elsewhere outside of homes. At this point, there doesn’t seem to be a particularly bad feeling between the parties and that’s great. Before this changes, however, a solution is needed.

With hemp becoming more common in Australia, as in the US, issues such as odor need to be dealt with seriously.

In this context, according to iHemp Victoria, 5 experimental fiber crops will be grown in the state this year.

“New and experienced farmers have decided to use the same seed variety to maximize their success, as each variety is very stable,” explains the organization. “From east to west and from north to south, every harvest was robust and consistent.”