Do you suppose velocity limits for Ipswich CBD streets must be dropped?

Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee Chair and Division 3 Councilor Marnie Doyle said the ongoing revitalization of the CBD would mean more people in Ipswich Central walk, bike and scooter.

“Lower speed limits can increase safety for all road users and increase trading opportunities for CBD companies by allowing additional restaurants on sidewalks and making window shopping a more enjoyable experience,” said Cr Doyle.

“Many people would think that this would mean longer travel times through the CBD. In most cases, however, the difference in travel time would be insignificant and would on average be less than 30 seconds additional time. “

“We understand that potential speed limit changes can generate strong opinions, so we want to hear what the community thinks of these potential changes in our inner city.”

Division 3 city councilor Andrew Fechner said other inner cities with comparable pedestrian traffic have lowered speed limits to improve safety.

“We know that the faster cars go the longer it takes to stop, and this study will consider road safety initiatives to introduce lower speed limits in high pedestrian and driving areas,” said Cr Fechner.

“I encourage everyone who uses CBD streets and footpaths to have a say in Shape Your Ipswich.”

Community feedback is currently being sought for the Shape Your Ipswich proposal here.

The opportunity to comment ends on Friday, February 28, 2022.

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