Draft coverage for industrial, medical farming of hemp ready

ISLAMABAD – The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Pakistani Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) have prepared a draft policy for industrial and medicinal hemp cultivation on behalf of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to PCSIR officials, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s draft policy on growing hemp for industrial and medicinal uses will be presented next week. They said the draft directive was drawn up with the approval and approval of representatives from the Department of Drugs Control, FBR, DRAP ANF, the Department of Food Security and the Department of Commerce.

The Ministry of Science and Technology made the central contribution to the elaboration of the draft principle on hemp cultivation. In the future, the ministry will deal with relevant issues relating to hemp cultivation on an industrial and medical level.

and a one-window solution will also be presented to the Department of Science and Technology to resolve any concerns.