Drug seller caught when he posted hashish to pal — and wrote return to sender tackle on envelope

A DOPEY drug dealer was caught sending cannabis to a mate – and wrote a return to sender address on the envelope.

Daniel Mann took the package to a post office, but it smelled so pungent that the staff immediately alerted the police.


Daniel Mann was caught sending cannabis to a pal – and wrote a return to sender address on the envelopeCredit: NNP

They discovered 27 ounces of cannabis worth nearly £6,000 inside – and Mann’s mother’s address on the envelope.

When they searched the home, they found another 28 ounces of cannabis

Judge Robert Adams convicted him, saying: “It was a simple offence.

“It smelled like cannabis and even had your mother’s address on it, which made it very easy to trace the sender.”

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told Newcastle Crown Court earlier this week: “Police received a call from staff saying a man had delivered a suspicious package to be mailed and it smelled of cannabis.

“Police were present and it was quite clear that the package left by the defendant contained two large bags of cannabis.”

The total value of drugs found at the South Gosforth Post Office and his mother’s home last January was £12,440.

Mr Pallister said: “It was well beyond personal use, even for someone with a heavy cannabis habit.” Police also found £5,120 in cash.

Man, 42, from Newcastle admitted supplying cannabis.

He was sentenced to nine months in prison, with 18 months probation, a six-month curfew and 100 hours of unpaid work.

Tony Davis, defending himself, said the man was living a lonely existence and was trying to ship the cannabis to a friend.

He added: “The people at the post office were overwhelmed by the smell of what was in the package.”

The court heard Mann is his friend’s registered guardian.

He also helps his disabled mother and is said to have been repentant.

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