ElleVet launches CBD paste for cats

PORTLAND, MAINE – ElleVet Sciences has developed a new veterinary CBD product to help reduce stress and discomfort in cats. The new Feline Paste product contains the company’s CBD + CBDA Complete Oil to provide daily relief and neurological support to cat companions.

“After more than two years of development, we are ready to introduce ElleVet Feline Paste,” said Amanda Howland, chief commercial officer, ElleVet Sciences. “A cat product that has been shown to be safe, highly effective, and tasty is a turning point for cat grooming products.”

The product has a chicken flavor and can be administered at home using a “dial-a-dose” syringe.

“ElleVet Feline Paste is a great addition to the product line,” added Dr. Joe Wakshlag, Senior Veterinarian at ElleVet Sciences and Professor at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. “Now pet owners have a new and much needed choice for their cats. Safety is the key to any successful cat product. ElleVet completed a long term safety study that is the only CBD + CBDA product proven safe for cats. The use of a safe full spectrum product in a tasty form is revolutionary in the cat world. “

The product will be available direct from ellevetsciences.com and sold through participating veterinary clinics, ElleVet stated.

According to ElleVet, the company was the first to conduct a clinical study of its hemp CBD + CBDA formulation in dogs with osteoarthritis. Cornell University helped conduct the clinical trial, which was deemed successful.

Portland-based ElleVet Sciences was founded in 2017 to provide the research and product development needed in the CBD pet space. The company has a vertically integrated supply chain that includes hemp source, manufacturing, direct sales and customer service.

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