Excessive Tradition: Shawn “Clown” Crahan, Slipknot’s Co-Founder, Needs To Demystify Hashish Via His Model, Clown Hashish

These potent little guys are composed of basically two strains: Blue Zkittlez and Paradise Citrus. Forget about solvents and pesticides; these pre-rolls are the epitome of potency and quality.

Blue Zkittlez offers a terpene profile of sour citrus, sweet earth, and wildflowers.

Blue Zkittlez offers a combination of strong physical effects and an uplifting mental high that make it a perfect end-of-day strain and a good complement for people struggling with stress, restlessness, and pain.

Paradise Citrus brings full-body effects, filling your cerebral and physical state with a relaxing and calming feel that permeates your being.

When you smoke one of these pre-rolls, you can expect the high to start in the head with a subtle lift, filling the mind with happiness that expands and grows, expelling any negative or racing thoughts and replacing them with a sense of intoxicating bliss .