FEWE’s CBD-Infused Magnificence Merchandise Work With Your Pure Cycle

Do you sometimes wonder why on some days you can go all out and your skin has glowing AF, but on others, you can’t get rid of this bruised feeling and struggle to sleep well? Then bam. Your time of the month is coming. You hoist the red flag. Aunt Flow is coming. The menstruation. Whatever you want to call your period, it all suddenly makes sense. Well, it turns out that it’s not just you who struggle with understanding your cycle. Only 86% of those surveyed for the new beauty brand FEWE were only able to name half of the hormones active in the monthly cycle.

The first women-run, full-featured menstrual cycle care brand aims to change that through its education portal and entire cycle care collection. FEWE has developed face care products enriched with CBD that work with the different phases of your cycle, as well as products that calm you down, help with sleep disorders and even nourish your vulva with a soothing and balancing serum.

So far, FEWE has launched 10 products in its range, including a set with four facial care serums for each of the four phases of your cycle. Strong ingredients like salicylic acid in the Spot The Difference anti-impurity serum and vitamin C in the Get Up & Glow lightening serum support your skin in every phase of your cycle. Everyone has an exciting ingredient list full of vitamins, antioxidants, and oils. But the star of the show is CBD, which is poured into every product and promises to take your self-care game to the next level.

Elsewhere in skin care, Bite has launched a lip mask that promises to freshen up even the driest lips. The £ 19 price tag seems high for a lip balm, but with its balm-to-oil formula, you only need a small amount at a time, and its mask treatment means you don’t have to constantly reapply.

Huda Beauty’s long reign of knocking out the park with new product launches continued again with the new Full’N’Flurry BombBrows, which add volume and thickness while taming and tinting your brows in a variety of shades for a brow gel .

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