First Hemp to Cross State Border by Prepare Leaves Fresno, California Depot on 4/20

The co-founders of Golden State Hemp cut the ribbon to mark the first shipment of hemp by rail in 84 years.

“Today’s first delivery by rail is yet another goal of our corporate mission to change the world by an acre,” said Jeff Friedland, Co-Founder and CEO. “Here it all starts with reducing our carbon footprint by using trains instead of trucks. Today’s first delivery can be relatively small

Other World Management Inc, together with Golden State Hemp and Union Pacific, the country’s largest railroad with 32,000 miles of track, today unloaded the first legal hemp shipment by rail from the Fowler Train Depot since hemp was banned 84 years ago. The first shipment of approximately 17,000 pounds of hemp grown on the 550 acre Golden State hemp farm in Fresno, California is expected to be delivered to the medical research and development laboratory in Denver, Colorado. The announcement was made by Jeff Friedland, Co-Founder and CEO of Golden State Hemp, attended by executives from the Union Pacific office and United States Representative David Valadao.

“Today’s first delivery by rail is yet another goal of our corporate mission to change the world one morning at a time,” said Jeff Friedland, Co-Founder and CEO. “Here it all starts with reducing our carbon footprint by using trains instead of trucks. Today’s first shipment may be small compared to our harvest and the millions of pounds of hemp being transported by trucks in the US, but it also marks the beginning of the next hemp revolution in the US. ”

Since 8,000 BC The world uses hemp to make paper and other products that are essential to everyday life. The first mention of hemp in America was found in 1632. The Virginia Congregation actually gave the mandate “that every planter, as soon as he can, plant flax and hemp and sow the same”. Massachusetts and Connecticut have adopted similar guidelines to encourage local farmers to grow and cultivate the plant. According to diary entries, both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their plantations. In addition, Benjamin Franklin started one of the first paper mills in America to use hemp to make paper. The first two drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper in 1776.

Realizing the environmental benefits of hemp, including reducing global carbon emissions, plant biodegradability, and getting Epidiolex approved by the FDA, the first FDA-approved drug to contain CBD. The United States Senate passed Section 10113 of the 2018 Farm Bill, which allowed hemp to be transported across state lines. Many experts believe that hemp can displace trees as hemp farms can produce 4x more per acre in 5 months than in 20 years of tree cover.

Golden State Hemp

Golden State Hemp (GSH), which was founded in 2019 shortly after the legalization of hemp in the US in 2018 and is a subsidiary of Other World Management, is a vertically integrated agribusiness with multiple divisions in the hemp sector. GSH, with over 550 acres in California and offices and partnerships in six states, is led by co-founders Jeff Friedland, Chief Executive Officer, and Josh Anderson, Chief Cultivation Officer, who have worked in the hemp and cannabis industry for more than 35 years are .

GSH has a zero-waste philosophy where every aspect of the facility is used to monetize a wide variety of revenue streams. From seeds to sales, we manufacture high-quality organic hemp products and at the same time change the public’s perception of the health benefits and ecological sustainability of the hemp plant. GSH’s vertical integration and love for the hemp plant give customers the peace of mind that they are getting the highest quality products on the market. More information is available at

Different world management

“Changing the world from one morning to the next” is privately owned. Other World Management is committed to advancing the redevelopment of hemp by developing new genetics, practicing regenerative agriculture and using patented technologies to make biodegradable products. We are building the supply chain of tomorrow and reducing the carbon footprint at the same time. Our “zero waste” approach enables Other World to leverage every aspect of the facility to monetize multiple sources of income.

Other World Management is an integrated agribusiness and industrial holding company. Other World has multiple divisions and JV partnerships in the medical and industrial hemp space. Golden State Hemp is the trendsetting brand for some of these companies.

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