First Key ‘Hashish For Pets’ Examine Performed

A New Zealand company believed to be among the first in the world to register cannabis medicines for pets has successfully completed its first study in dogs.

Celebrating the launch of Best Life Diet Supplements for Older Dogs and Adult and Older Cats: Leila de Koster, General Manager of Hale Animal Health.

Hale Animal Health executive director Leila de Koster says that while the research is commercially sensitive and the results are closely guarded, it nonetheless represents an important early milestone.

In the study, titled “Pilot Pharmacokinetic Study of CBD Treatment in Healthy Dogs,” a group of healthy dogs were orally treated with an investigational medicinal product. Blood samples were then taken at regular intervals, which recorded, among other things, the concentration of CBD and the speed with which they cleared the animals’ bodies.

“The study confirmed our hypothesis about the best dosage and supported our desired dosage regimen. It confirmed the bioavailability or, in general, the absorption of our test preparation and we are overall very pleased, ”says Ms. de Koster.

Much research and development is ongoing to secure Hale approval of CBD veterinary drugs in New Zealand and Australia, with the company’s first data package slated for regulatory approval in the first half of 2023.

“Hale aims to be one of the first in the world to offer clinically proven and registered cannabidiol-based products for pets. There is a long way to go, but this pharmacokinetic study is an important first step, ”says Ms. de Koster.

Hale Animal Health is part of the medical cannabis company Helius Therapeutics and is based in Helius’ huge 8,800 square foot, state-of-the-art indoor facility in East Auckland.

In July, Helius became New Zealand’s first medical cannabis company to receive a GMP license to manufacture pharmaceuticals. The Medical Cannabis Agency has since announced the review and availability of two new local medical cannabis products.

Just as the country’s medical cannabis program has enabled the local development and manufacture of cannabis therapeutics for humans, so the development of CBD products for pets is now possible in New Zealand. Although it’s new here, Ms. de Koster says the sector is growing rapidly internationally.

Carmen Doran, CEO of Helius Therapeutics, says it is exciting to work with Hale to get official registration of prescription CBD pet products that veterinarians can then prescribe with confidence.

“CBD will be a turning point for many kiwi pet owners and their suffering pets. Just as Helius is introducing a research and development pipeline of activities and novel therapeutics, so is Hale. Another great advantage is the fact that many at Helius have extensive experience in animal health, ”says Ms. Doran.

Obtaining registration for approved medical cannabis products for pets requires extensive data and clinical studies. Hale’s work aims to fill an international gap in clinical information, such as the effectiveness of CBD products for pets.

“CBD is highly effective in treating pain and inflammation in humans, and we believe it is no different in animals. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system with receptors that work with cannabinoids, the active ingredient in medicinal cannabis, ”says Ms. Doran.

It is believed that CBD can treat anxiety, stress, nausea, skin conditions, arthritis, and seizures in pets, and Hale will work hard to prove it with studies and reliable clinical data.

Ms. de Koster says kiwis are interested in turning to cannabidiol-based products to naturally relieve their pets’ pain and suffering.

“Local pet owners support our work in developing and supplying CBD products to help their beloved furry friends. Fortunately, we already have natural supplements on the shelf that can be bought back and forth, which helps fund Hale’s critical cannabis research and development, ”she says.

Since launching earlier this year, Hales Vitality Plus range of natural liquid nutritional supplements has sold well in veterinary clinics and pet stores, including PETstock stores, across New Zealand.

Now, with its next product release in 2022, Hale has launched its Best Life supplements for senior dogs, as well as adult and senior cats, aimed at puppies, kittens, and active dogs.

“These liquid nutritional supplements are tailored for the pet’s life cycle and the first of their kind in New Zealand, and they’re packed full of essential omegas, antioxidants, prebiotics and superfoods. As we say: “Put some health in every feed … because prevention is the best medicine for you too”. Better yet, pets love taste, ”she says.

The Hale brand continues to grow. The company is proud to sponsor Barkley Manor – a popular new local television show featuring a dog daycare in Gray Lynn, Auckland.

“Kiwi pet owners interfered with Hale, which really drives us to return the favor. We can’t wait to support the lives of beloved pets both here and overseas by delivering the world’s leading approved medical cannabis products for pets, ”says Leila de Koster.

About Hale

Hale Animal Health is committed to improving the quality of life for every pet. Hale, based in Auckland, New Zealand, is developing one of the world’s first clinically tested and registered medical cannabis drugs for pets. In addition to future cannabis-based prescription drugs, Hale now offers a range of scientifically formulated pet nutritional supplements made from premium natural ingredients – based on the latest animal health data. As an animal lover, Hale is committed to doing everything possible to improve the lives of pets.

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