Germany locked in fierce debate over legalisation of hashish –

With the Social Democrats, the economically liberal FDP and the Greens facing complex coalition negotiations, their youth wings may have one thing in common: the desire to legalize marijuana.

“The ban, criminalization and stigmatization of cannabis has failed,” said Jens Teutrine, head of the Young Liberals, to RP.

Only full legalization would ensure the necessary quality standards and protection of minors, he added.

While the young Greens had long campaigned for the legalization of the drug, the movement has now gained a new ally: the famous virologist and social democratic health spokesman Karl Lauterbach.

“I am therefore in favor of formulating a passage on the legal and controlled distribution of cannabis to adults in a possible coalition agreement with the Greens and the FDP,” said Lauterbach.

He was concerned that illegally sold cannabis was often contaminated with heroin, which led to his change of mind, he said.

Legalizing cannabis would stop the contaminated hash trade, he added.

The German police union is strictly against legalizing the drug, as it is a drug that is often played down, but can lead to health problems and social conflicts, it said in a statement addressed to the parties.

(Nikolaus J. Kurmayer |