June 23, 2021



GGII Inexperienced Globe – Hempacco Information Patent Utility for Cigarette Filter Infusion Know-how for Hashish, Tobacco, Herb, and Hemp Cigarettes, Furthering Their Mission of Disrupting Tobacco(TM)

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GGII – Hempacco files patent application for systems and processes for infusing cigarette filters with aromas and flavorings in order to improve the customer experience. The patent application extends to tobacco cigarettes, herbal cigarettes, cannabis cigarettes, pre-rolls and hemp cigarettes and targets menthol cigarettes and flavored vape smokers, while Disrupting Tobacco (TM)

San Diego, Calif .– (Newsfile Corp. – June 2, 2021) – Green Globe International Inc. – Hempacco (OTC Pink: GGII) (“GGII”) announced that it has filed a patent application for systems and methods for infusing cigarettes and smokable products have submitted filters with aromas and flavorings to enhance the customer experience of cigarettes and pre-rolls, including cannabis cigarettes, herbal cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes and hemp cigarettes.

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This technology enables GGII to transform the customer experience of any type of smokable, pre-rolled or cigarette by infusing the filter with flavors, aromas and other additives.

GGII’s portfolio of herbal and hemp cigarettes
The new cigarette infusion technology can be combined with existing and future technologies to develop unique products. GGII has also licensed a patent for a technology to infuse herbal blends of cannabis cigarettes with terpenoids to alter the therapeutic effects of the blends. With this patented technology and the new patent-pending technology, GGII hopes to create a portfolio of functional herbal and hemp cigarettes with various new combinations of flavors, aromas and functions.

Licensing of cigarette infusion technology
GGII plans to license cigarette filter infusion technology to tobacco companies and cannabis companies worldwide. For tobacco companies, GGII’s “Disrupting Tobacco” mission is helping to convert nicotine cigarettes to other functional cigarettes, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and other infusions that provide an alternative to nicotine tobacco smokers. For the cannabis industry, GGII believes that companies want to infuse their pre-rolls and marijuana cigarettes with terpenes, flavors and aromas to produce new and exciting cannabis-cigarette combinations.

“We developed this technology with our in-house research and development team to transform the taste, smell and overall customer experience of tobacco products, including hemp cigarettes,” said Sandro Piancone, CEO of GGII. “This new technology will be monetized in three ways: 1. Through use in our existing and future tobacco brands; 2. With joint ventures in herbal cigarettes, hemp cigarettes, and other tobacco products in developing new brands with other companies; 3. By licensing the technology to the Example for a license fee for cannabis companies that manufacture cigarettes or pre-rolls, “concluded Mr. Piancone.

GGII – Hempacco has filed and filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for its proprietary filter infusion technology for aroma and fragrance filters and a change in the customer experience of tobacco products, including hemp cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes, pre-rolls, cannabis cigarettes, Herbal cigarettes and spice cigarettes. GGII’s new filter infusion technology is protected for twenty years after being granted a patent in the USA. With a lead of twenty years, GGII plans to introduce a functional smokers and joint ventures portfolio to advance its “Disrupting Tobacco” mission.

“This month the FDA announced its ban on menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars. Menthol cigarettes are already banned alongside flavored vapes in my state of California,” said Jorge Olson, co-founder and CMO of Hempacco. “Imagine this scenario: if a smoker goes to a supermarket and orders a pack of menthol cigarettes or their flavored vapes, the clerk tells them it’s illegal and the smoker has two options: they can stop smoking immediately and there, or they can ask for a pack of hemp cigarettes in menthol, mango, pineapple, or your favorite flavor, “said Jorge Olson.

There are more than 100,000 convenience stores in the United States alone, and the global menthol cigarette market topped $ 85.48 billion in 2020, according to Grand View Research. GGII – Hempacco develops menthol hemp cigarettes and mint, peppermint and other flavors with their patent-pending filter aroma infusion technology. GGII’s patent application for filter infusions not only discloses the infusion of flavoring filters, but the application also covers the infusion of flavoring filters for hemp cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes, herbal cigarettes, cannabis cigarettes, and others.

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About Green Global International Inc. (GGII) – Hempacco, Co. Inc .:
Hempacco Co, Inc. is disrupting the tobacco industry with nearly $ 1 trillion with alternatives to herbal and hemp-based nicotine cigarettes by manufacturing and marketing consumer products, including CBG and CBD hemp cigarettes. The company owns and licenses intellectual property, has conducted extensive research and development, and is engaged in the manufacture and sale of smokable hemp brands, including The Real Stuff “Hemp Smokables. The operating segments of Hempacco Co., Inc. include joint venture companies. Private label contracts and sales, intellectual property licenses and the development and distribution of own brands with patented counter displays and six hundred kiosk machines called HempBoxes “.

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