Goleta considers permitting hashish  retailers to remain open longer

Goleta cannabis retailers may soon be able to stay open longer.

The Goleta City Council is considering allowing cannabis retailers to remain open until 10 pm (instead of 8 pm) as a way to bolster business in the community. The move could recapture sales and lost tax revenue that is being lost to businesses elsewhere in Santa Barbara County that are open longer, according to a presentation from an HdL Companies adviser.

The council had a special meeting Thursday to consider potential revenue enhancement options.

Council members overwhelmingly expressed interest in seeking further information from city staff on the possibility of allowing retailers to stay open later.

Some members also were interested in applying cannabis taxes evenly to both adult-use and medicinal cannabis businesses and sales.

Members did not seem to be open to raising taxes on cannabis businesses, even on a tier system that would target high-earning businesses. Members expressed that Goleta could lose businesses or be less attractive to future businesses if taxes became higher than elsewhere in the county.

Additionally Thursday, the Goleta City Council indicated it would be open to implementing a new sales tax to increase revenue to tackle projects for the city. email: kschallhorn@newspress.com