June 23, 2021



Good Hemp, Inc. Proclaims Vital Growth and Progress on Amazon

provides 9.5 pH alkaline water that is processed to preserve the beneficial natural minerals in the water. It regularly appears on the first page of search results with a Top 40 Seller Rank in numerous categories, such as: For example: bottled water, alkaline water, drinking water, bottled alkaline water, and natural spring water. In addition, the products are available for Prime Shipping for fast and reliable delivery.

Chris Chumas, Director of Good Hemp, is delighted with the company’s presence on Amazon and says: “We are very excited about the launch of Diamond Creek on amazon. The premium water category offers a strong growth opportunity and allows us to get Diamond Creek into the hands of more consumers. Adding Diamond Creek is a nice addition to our existing offerings for good hemp beverages, and we are already seeing significant sales growth in a few months. “

The new presence on the Diamond Creek Amazon Marketplace is part of the company’s plan to expand the ability to buy its products and enter a new market segment through the platform, and builds on the success of its previous Amazon presence. Good hemp beverages, including Canna Hemp and Good Hemp Fizz, are among the top 40 sellers in the Hemp Energy Beverage, Hemp Beverage, Hemp Beverage, and CBD Beverage categories, where the brand is ranked as the # 1 best seller in its class. Both hemp oil drinks have an excellent 4-star rating, purchase boxes and are also available through Prime Shipping.

Formerly only available through a contracted supply chain and commercial distributors, the Diamond Creek Water brand is hoping the addition of the Amazon store will further increase brand visibility and target consumers directly through the massive online retailer.

About good hemp products –

The Good Hemp, Inc. beverage line consists of Good Hemp Fizz and Canna Hemp, functional carbonated beverages that are natural-based and made from hemp seed oil known as “GRAS” (under sections 201 (s) and 409 of federal law food, drug and cosmetic products and therefore not subject to FDA review and approval). Good hemp 2oh! is a line of naturally flavored waters, which are mixed with 10 mg THC-free hemp extract and prebiotic fiber. These products are available online at Amazon and goodhempinc.com

Good Hemp Wellness will launch a line of cannabidiol gel caps made from a fast-acting, proprietary, self-emulsifying formulation designed to provide consumers with American-made CBD products that they can trust.

Diamond Creek produces ionized highly alkaline natural spring water at 9.5 pH from the highest quality, award-winning sources in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Available in three sizes: 1 gallon, 1 liter and 500 ml bottles. Visit www.diamondcreekwater.com for more information.

FDA Disclaimer –

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