Greenheart CBD Hemp Cell App Can be Powered by ZenaPay Bitcoin Pockets v4.0

ZenaPay Bitcoin Wallet has been downloaded more than 10,000 times

Chicago, March 9, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – Epazz Inc. (OTC: EPAZ), a provider of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mobile app, smart contracts and cloud-based business software solutions, today announced that ZenaTech, Inc. has released version four (v.4.0) of its ZenaPay Bitcoin Wallet, which contains more than 10,000 downloads. Greenheart CBD Hemp Mobile is powered by ZenaPay Bitcoin Wallet to aid in processing payments.

The ZenaPay Bitcoin Wallet app is part of the project and enables Greenheart customers to use the cryptocurrency to buy items in Greenheart stores and online retailers. The ZenaPay Bitcoin Wallet will be expanded to carry multiple currencies and tokens. In addition, purchased products can be delivered to the customer’s home.

Greenheart CBD is an Irish-owned company with a vision to bring the best Irish-made cannabidiol (CBD) oil products from seeds to the market in Ireland. The company helps farmers produce the best organic hemp crops and process them in the most natural way possible using cold press extraction machines. The company has spent years researching extraction methods with full traceability from seed to shelf. The aim is to create standardized cold press extraction processes and the most effective CBD products for the end user.

Shaun Passley, Ph.D., CEO and Chairman of Epazz Inc. said: “What sets Greenheart Punt-Token apart from other tokens and cryptocurrencies is their sustainability. ZenaPay Bitcoin Wallet is the fourth version with more than 10,000 downloads. “

Working with Epazz as a blockchain technology provider, Greenheart built the first marketplace for distributed applications for CBD products. The company uses the industry-leading decentralized platform Origin. With Origin, token investors can use the platform to buy Greenheart CBD products using Ethereum or Greenheart punt tokens. The dApp marketplace is now live. The company has issued Greenheart punt tokens to expand its scope of application to the CBD community by providing its token holders with an inexpensive and operationally efficient way to access the growing range of Greenheart CBD products.

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With the Greenheart mobile app, token holders can use their tokens to purchase current and future CBD products. In addition, more Greenheart CBD punt token holders means rapid growth in the token community, enabling the development of advanced technologies throughout Greenheart’s production process, including AI, drone technology, and big data capabilities and analytics. It also enables easy payment processing using the secure, encrypted blockchain technology.


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Epazz Inc. is a blockchain app provider and cloud-based software company that specializes in delivering bespoke cloud applications for the corporate world, higher education institutions and the public sector. Epazz BoxesOS ™ v3.0 is a complete web-based software package for small and medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and higher education institutions. BoxesOS offers many of the web-based applications that companies would otherwise have to purchase separately. Other Epazz products include the kennel software as well as the Provitrac applicant tracking system and the DeskFlex room planning software.

Greenheart CBD (

Greenheart CBD is an Irish-owned company with a vision to deploy advanced systems to track plant health and bring to market the very best CBD products grown and manufactured in Ireland. During CBD production, data from AI drones is used to provide meaningful insights and data tracking to farmers and producers. The company’s homogenized cold press technology uses no chemicals, consumes little energy and enables waste-free operation. This leads to the highest quality, organic verification and end-to-end traceability of the products. The company recently launched its product token – the Greenheart Punt – which allows its token holders to access its CBD products with the greatest possible discount. The Greenheart punt token is backed by a real commodity – 1,000 liters of Greenheart CBD oil in its first year (with a retail value of $ 4 million) – that token holders use to sell their tokens directly on the Greenheart app’s marketplace Cashing in CBD oil at a can get significant discount over the retail price.


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