Group Launches NFT Collaboration for Hashish Business Reform

Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) take the stage again, this time with a cannabis-related collaboration featuring unique music and art.

Burn1, a blockchain company providing “financial rocket fuel for cannabis reform,” on January 19 announced its partnership with The Black Comics Collective and The Weldon Project to create an NFT project aimed at raising funds for cannabis collect.

The NFT project will raise funds for reform and lobbying through original artwork by artist John Jennings and unreleased songs by Snoop Dogg. The 4,200-piece Semi-Generative NFT Collection is slated to launch on February 5th.

One of the project’s inclusions is an unreleased musical track called “Smokin’,” which was produced by Weldon Angelos, who was an aspiring hip-hop record label owner before serving 13 years in prison for selling less than $1,000 Cannabis. Since being pardoned, he has worked to create The Weldon Project to raise awareness of the need for justice in the cannabis industry. “I started the Weldon Project and created the MISSION [GREEN] Initiative to raise the bar for awareness, social justice and social justice around cannabis and to help those negatively impacted by unjust drug laws. This NFT project with the Black Comics Collective and Burn1 is exciting because it allows me to further our mission while creating an exciting new mix of art, music and activism,” said Angelos.

Burn1 is working to connect the cannabis industry with blockchain technology. Three percent of every transaction is donated to those affected by cannabis problems. Burn1 co-founder Louis Hall is proud of the partnership with Angelos and the work he has done in the industry.

“Our hope at Burn1 is that this project will not only raise money for cannabis reform and justice, but also draw as much attention to Weldon’s work as possible,” Hall said in a press release. “It is humbling to work with two giants in their fields on this NFT project. From influencing federal legislation to supporting people inside and outside the correctional system, Weldon is a force for change. As a visual storyteller, John will capture the hope that those affected by this country’s racist drug laws can rise again and build something better. His stunning and progressive style will undoubtedly bring a distinct advantage to this project.”

Jennings is a New York Times Bestselling Artist, Editor of Megascope, and Professor of Media Studies at the University of California, Riverside. “It is a great honor to associate my work with this cause and also with such an amazingly talented collection of cultural activists and creators,” said Jennings. “We are in a renaissance of the merging of art and technology.”

According to Burn1’s “Tokenomics” data on the company’s website, which is updated daily, the company is eight months old, has 8,300 “Burn1 holders” and has donated $19,000 to charity so far. The above three percent “charity wallet” denotes Burn1’s donations to cannabis communities and represents the highest percentage of service fees. “Being able to dedicate a significant portion of our trading volume to genuine, impactful charities will help us make a significant difference,” Burn1 describes on its website. “We’re in the process of partnering with several charities and will be keeping the Burn1 community informed to know exactly where it’s going.” This is followed by 2% spend on marketing, reflection and liquidity, and 1% on the community wallet ‘ and Burn himself.

In the near future, Burn1 plans to showcase four more NFT artworks by Jennings, to be released between now and late Spring 2022.