Grover Seashore Metropolis Council approves hashish consumption lounges, occasions

Cannabis dispensaries in Grover Beach can now move forward with development plans for onsite consumption areas after the city council voted 3 -1 this week to approve them.

There are four existing cannabis retailers in Grover Beach who will now be able to operate lounges for onsite medical and recreational consumption. The ordinance also allows for temporary cannabis special events.

City staff and dispensary managers expect the lounges to increase sales for the retailers, which would in turn increase the city’s tax revenues.

Tim Linville is the general manager at Beyond Hello, one of the cannabis dispensaries in Grover Beach. He spoke at the meeting this week in support of the ordinance, and told KCBX allowing consumption lounges in the city is beneficial for both the community and marijuana industry.

“You can have a group of people that come to the smoke lounge, and can partake — regulated, in a safe environment — and be able to experience the full spectrum of what cannabis has to offer,” Linville said.

Linville said Beyond Hello doesn’t have a clear timeline yet as to when the business may begin operating a consumption lounge, but that they are in talks right now to make sure that when they do move forward, it’s done right.

“Staying within state regulation, making sure that the community was safe and providing not only a safe environment but a safe commute,” he said.

Other proponents of the ordinance say it could reduce harm by lowering the number of people smoking in their cars or other unmonitored locations.

In a first reading of the ordinance, councilmembers did express concern about odor from outdoor consumption areas. City staff adapted the ordinance to clarify that odor absorbing ventilation and exhaust systems must be installed in the lounges to keep the odor from bleeding into adjacent properties.

“This was a modification by city staff based on going back and talking to other jurisdictions that are currently utilizing this outdoor consumption area model,” said Rafael Castillo with the City of Grover Beach.

These kinds of consumption lounges are already operational in other areas in California, including West Hollywood.

More information about commercial cannabis use and regulation in Grover Beach is available here.