Gwagwalada merchants decry indiscriminate Indian hemp smoking in market

Traders in the Gwagwalada Market say they are at risk due to the high levels of cannabis use in the market.

You have therefore asked the competent authority to deal with the problem.

They said marijuana has become a prevalent lifestyle for many young people, especially in the Gwagwalada market.

There are people who inhale the smoke because they are around the smokers, they are known as passive smokers and are also at risk.

In separate interviews with Nigeria’s news agency, traders announced that inhaling the cannabis smoke made them feel uncomfortable and irritated.

Ms. Mary Tanko, a hairdresser, told NAN that she felt severe chest pain and became short of breath every time she saw the smoke.

According to her testimony, she usually holds her breath to avoid breathing in a lot of smoke.

“I know that inhaling cannabis is risky for me, not just for me but for anyone who breathes it in,” she said.

Another hairdresser in the market, Ms. Amarachi Nkwankwo, said she always felt like vomiting when she saw the smoke, which destabilized her entire body system.

According to her, the security authorities have taken several measures, but these have not resulted in their being stopped.

“Several times, security guards broke into my shop and smoked, but that didn’t make them stop.

“Also, the market leaders have tried to use market security within their own means, but that has not been effective,” she said.

She therefore called on the competent authorities to deal with the case.

Similarly, Mr. Abraham Adeniyi, a trader in the market, stated that as a man he was trying to adjust, but most of the time the smell was too strong making him feel uncomfortable and irritable.

He said he believed the risk to pregnant women was worse in the market.

In his opinion, he is not against smoking if you have to, but you should take into account the fact that the people in the area do business.

“If they can go to a secluded place where the health of many is not endangered, that’s fine,” he said.

He also urged the relevant authorities to take decisive action against the threat.