June 23, 2021



Hashish dispensary providing 1-cent merchandise as COVID-19 vaccine incentives

Add cheap weed to the growing list of vaccination incentives in California.

A Contra Costa County cannabis dispensary is selling selected products for a penny to anyone with a valid COVID-19 vaccine card.

The 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center in Richmond said the grant is an effort to “reduce COVID-19 infections in our area” and support the county’s efforts to ensure the equitable distribution of vaccines.

“We wanted to offer our platform to help the state achieve its goal of immunity to COVID-19,” said Zee Handoush, executive director of 7 Stars, in a statement. “We saw other local companies offering vaccination incentives and we wanted to add cannabis to that growing list. We hope other members of the cannabis community do the same. “

Ben Grambergu, Marketing Director of 7 Stars, said Thursday that more than 400 people have taken advantage of the offer since it was launched last week, which equates to “almost a pound to a gram” of cannabis. Other products include cannabis chocolates and gums, which are offered in turns, he said.

The effort comes amid declining vaccination numbers in California. In the week ending June 6, the state administered an average of about 129,000 doses per day, compared with about 284,000 per day in the same week the previous month, according to state data.

Last week, Governor Gavin Newsom drew the winners of the first cash prizes in California’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery, which will award $ 116.5 million to randomly selected vaccinated residents.

“Incentives have worked for a long time, and incentives are indeed what we’re promoting here today,” Newsom said during the June 4th draw, which was held on what was supposed to be a game show.

Currently, about 56% of Californians have received at least one dose and 46% are fully vaccinated, according to The Times Tracker.

In the district of Contra Costa, the numbers are slightly better, 65% of the residents are at least partially vaccinated.

Still, according to Grambergu, there is a certain hesitation in vaccines within the “cannabis community”, including people who “suspect big pharma. ”

“It seems the needle is moving,” he said of the carriage. “That’s $ 20, $ 30 products. I think it actually helps to get some of these people into the cannabis community. ”

7 Stars is approved as both a medicinal and recreational pharmacy, though Grambergu said his focus is on the medicinal side of the plant.

The 1-cent products are offered through their dealer sponsors Bloom Farms, Revive Pure Life and Papa and Barkley and are available while supplies last.

The company has also applied as a mobile vaccination center through the California Department of Health, it said. This application is pending.

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.