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The cannabis company Terrapin has announced that it will open a manufacturing facility in Auburn.

The Colorado-based company plans to purchase Lot # 2 at Auburn Technology Park in the northwest corner of the city, according to a press release released Thursday.

A letter of intent for the 12.04 acre purchase is under review by the Auburn Industrial Development Authority at their October 20th meeting.

Chris Woods, CEO and Founder of Terrapin, said in the press release that the company plans to make a multi-million dollar investment in Auburn, with 100 jobs at the facility, and plans to work with the social justice community to assist with recovery Work, food scarcity and the environment, sustainability and other issues of local relevance.

“As always, Terrapin is focused on planting local roots,” said Woods. “We are so grateful to our partners in the Auburn community for welcoming us with open arms. We look forward to serving the community as responsible corporate citizens and leaving a positive footprint in the community. “

The announcement comes after New York State passed the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act in March. Under the new law, the use and possession of recreational cannabis is legal nationwide. However, communities have until December 31st to enact local laws banning the retail sale of marijuana and licensed consumption points.

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The city of Auburn has not yet determined whether it is “disapproved” of these parts of the law, although that would not affect Terrapin’s plans for a manufacturing facility. Still, two city officials expressed support for the company’s plans in the release:

“Up to 100 full-time jobs in excess of $ 20 an hour is exciting news for Auburn,” said Mayor Michael D. Quill. “We welcome Terrapin to our community and I would like the commitment of our Cayuga community workers. acknowledge the Economic Development Agency and the Auburn Industrial Development Authority for everything they have done to work with Terrapin to bring these jobs to Auburn. “

Auburn City Council has taken its first public step to decide whether to oppose portions of the state’s law legalizing recreational marijuana …

“Terrapin recognizes that business-nonprofit partnerships create synergies that benefit individuals and the wider community,” said Alderman Jimmy Giannettino. “Business development is critical to our mission to attract a diverse workforce to our community. The focus on public-benefit public relations only contributes to this goal. We look forward to working with Terrapin to develop additional ways to support this mission. “

Terrapin’s equity plans include working with local executives at social justice job fairs to include diversity in the workforce, and exploring second chance job opportunities with the Auburn Correctional Facility, “to correct the wrongs of a failed systemic racist drug war who disproportionately targeted black and Latin American populations ”. . “Relying on the legacy of Auburn-based Harriet Tubman and the region’s role in the abolitionist movement, the company hopes to capitalize on the city’s status as a tourist destination for people interested in justice issues. It will do so by it provides education to Black and Latin American entrepreneurs seeking access to the state’s new cannabis industry, Terrapin said, as well as partnering with businesses and restaurants in downtown on workshops for minority entrepreneurs.

Terrapin also recognizes how badly Auburn has been hit by the opioid epidemic and said it will work with local organizations to bridge the gap from clinical to peer support by helping those recovering from addiction to find treatment and possibly employment in his new facility. The company also plans to “use cannabis community education as an alternative form of care support for addicts.”

Poverty and food shortages will also be Terrapin’s focus areas, with plans to work with local nonprofits to eradicate homelessness, alleviate hunger and increase labor readiness. The company will provide experts in employment workshops that can guide people through accessing the state’s new cannabis industry, it said.

Terrapin’s sustainability plans include the purchase of solar energy subscriptions, LED lighting, voluntary audits with energy advisors, and strategic energy management workshops that the company has conducted at its six pharmacies and four manufacturing facilities in Colorado. Terrapin employs more than 400 people and has also opened a medical marijuana manufacturing facility in Clinton County, Pennsylvania and a manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan since its inception in 2009.

“We have a proven track record of ensuring we fit into the fabric of the community,” said Woods. “The relationships we have built with the community enable us to act as a responsible partner investing in the future of Auburn and central New York.”

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