Hemp And It is 20,000 Makes use of Michigan’s Latest Money Crop

ANN ARBOR – The leadership of the Industrial Hemp Association of Michigan and MITech TV co-hosts Mike Brennan and Matt Roush explore the legal world of growing hemp, a crop used to make 20,000 products and not just medical CBD can. Hemp concrete is also on the topic as iHemp will be hosting an event on making hemp concrete this weekend.

iHemp Michigan is a member-based organization representing hemp growers, seed breeders, processors, manufacturers, and hemp companies across the country.

Its members work to define the path to industrial hemp success, from seed to sale and beyond.

iHemp is committed to empowering hemp farmers, empowering industry leaders, and educating consumers to ensure hemp thrives in the Midwest.

iHemp is committed to promoting responsible and fair regulation, providing grower training and providing full access to the developing market.

iHemp Michigan is committed to the wellbeing of people and the planet through hemp … and it starts with the farmer.