August 3, 2021



Hemp extraction firm cuts ribbon

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WARWICK – While New York State is making cannabis products easier to manufacture, UrbanXtracts unveiled its new hemp extraction and product development facility in Warwick on Wednesday, in accordance with legislation earlier this year.

“Today is an opportunity for us to recognize what we’ve accomplished here over the past two and a half years,” said Eran Sherin, CEO of the company.

Sherin and elected officials participated in the cutting of the ribbon that marked the start of a potential grand opening in September. The facility, a former barn that was once part of the former Mid-Orange Correctional, which was closed a few years ago, will be used for training courses and the ramp-up into large-scale production over the next few months.

“We have a development center with five different laboratories and commercial kitchens that we can attract innovators, developers and entrepreneurs to use the facility to develop their own products,” said Sherin.

Next to his facility is a test laboratory and nearby is a former dairy barn for product development and packaging.

And the former prison is now an industrial park in the city of Warwick that will focus on the production of hemp and medicinal and recreational marijuana products, 55 miles from New York City and serving the 20 million residents in the largest metropolitan area in the country.

“We see the whole concept of creating a cluster, from production on the black dirt, through processing and extraction, to final product development,” said Mike Sweeton, Warwick City Manager.

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