In an emerging market like industrial hemp, events are an important channel for information exchange and supply chain connectivity – in short, they help people learn and do business.

Hemp talks was born in early 2020 after events were canceled due to the pandemic. To keep the hemp market positive momentum, High Grade Hemp Seed sponsored the HanfTALKS initiative to fill the gap with content, conversation and expert advice.

Hemp invigorates agriculture, boosts the turbocharger business, improves health, and provides life-changing returns for farmers and entrepreneurs. hempTALKS gathers content from a broad base of sectors, geographic locations, and interests, including industry trends, scientific advances, consumer products, genetics, compliance, and more.

The hemp market is maturing quickly. CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids show promise for as-yet-undiscovered wellness benefits. Industrial uses for hemp include everything from paper and fiber to alternatives to biofuels and plastic. And at hempTALKS you can follow the latest developments in the hemp industry.

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A founding company in the hemp resurgence, High quality hemp seeds produces first-class hemp genetics and promotes economic and ecological sustainability as the newest partner in Santa Fe farms‘Fast growing hemp ecosystem.

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Image courtesy of High Grade Cannabis Seeds