Hemp Pellets: The New Choice

Thinking of setting one up? pellet stove Want to reduce your energy bill in your home or business and are you afraid of increasing the price of pellets? This is no less: They have risen 67% during the past twelve months and 96% from 2017. Firewood, which also serves as fuel in many of these stoves, has also grown by 30% during 2022: 30%. These are troubling figures and for this reason, in France, one of the world leaders in the use of flax, has already identified an alternative: to make pellets with this herbaceous plant.

hemp pellets

What is Linen?

A herbaceous plant with many uses: its stem allows for fabric making and its seed, linseed, is used to make flour and oil. It originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia, but today it is cultivated throughout the world, although it is in temperate countries where it grows best. France, with over one million tons, is the world leader in exporting leno in 2021.

And the balls?

The pellets are made from flax straw and in France Souls Electrotech He has been researching for ten years to convert it into fuel. Now, with skyrocketing energy costs, your system is profitable. This abbreviates it; Made from broken cane that remains as waste after being separated, for textile use, fiber from the stem of flax; It was previously used as a fuel in industrial boilers, but is now compressed into pellets.

In Canada, Prairie Celan Energy also deals with this type of biomass pellets and has launched a plant capable of producing up to 60,000 tonnes per year that will employ 24 people. Pellets can be made from any natural fuel material and their final price will depend on the demand and availability of the raw material.