August 3, 2021



How hemp is helpful on your pores and skin and hair well being?

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Hemp is a cannabis strain that, because of its wide range of uses in material manufacture and for the

nourishing quality of its seeds.

Hemp seeds are rich in all good essential fatty acids, they are very high in protein, they are rich in

Vitamin E and are well filled with essential minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron and zinc. In short, hemp seeds are nature’s blessing for the skin and hair.


Hemp seeds can keep your skin strong, shiny, and flawless. The oil extracted from hemp seeds typically

contains 50-70 percent linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that cannot be synthesized by the human body on its own

this helps to build up ceramides – lipid molecules that keep the skin moist and strong and thereby dryness and

the penetration of foreign substances and bacteria, which are known to lead to a completely different problem – acne! But look

No further, cannabis seeds can help regulate this too. Another fatty acid, gama-linolenic acid, is also found in

Hemp seeds, are vital to hormone regulation and can help control inflammation and those painful hormones



And don’t worry, hemp seeds will cover your hair too, keeping it shiny, shiny and strong! The linoleic acid

The acid that is abundant in hemp seed oil is also good for hair. Healthy skin and hair are similar in this respect

both are made up of ceramides that help keep them strong, smooth, and shiny. In addition, the Gamma Linolenic

Acid has your hormones under control and you don’t have to deal with excessive oil production either

Dandruff. In addition, there is the abundant supply of vitamin E in hemp seeds. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant

this will help promote hair growth from the roots up and keep your scalp healthy!

With contributions from Namrata Reddy Sirupa co-founder Satliva.