In States Across the U.S., Hashish Gross sales Are Booming: Week in Assessment

The legalization of cannabis came at a time when shopping trends are changing drastically. The most obvious example is that more people have chosen to shop online. Because of this, pharmacy retail services need to adapt their operations to these potential customers and convince them to commit to the brand.

Certain cannabis-specific advertising regulations restrict pharmacy operators and owners in many states and cannot use most traditional advertising modes to market their products. However, you can also use other means, e.g. B. loyalty programs, discounts, in-store promotions, and helpful sales data to help drive sales. Below are six ways to increase sales in your pharmacy.

1. Identify your customer

Knowing your customer buying habits and demographics is important. You need to understand why they keep coming back to your business. Also, determine why other types of customers are not visiting your store. You should collect information about:

● Your busiest hours

● Popular articles

● Preferred method of consumption

● Lifestyle and professional interests

● The average age of your customers

● Average purchase frequency

2. Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service is critical to the success of a retail business, and pharmacies are no exception.

It’s good to have a list of best practices that your reps can refer to when interacting with customers. In addition to being customer-friendly, pharmacies should hire staff who have adequate knowledge of cannabis. Budtenders need to have a solid understanding of cannabis products and strains. Budtenders should educate customers about cannabis products. You should also dispel any consumer misunderstandings or misinformation about cannabis, which is vital when dealing with a novice or first-time cannabis user.

3. Maintain a positive customer experience

Maintaining an attractive and upbeat atmosphere is critical to developing your brand as a pharmacy and your reputation as a company. Pharmacies should try to create an appealing atmosphere for customers. Everything from organization to decoration can affect the way customers perceive your products and pharmacies.

Also, for maximum branding impact, your business should have a match and consistency between your social media presence, website, storefront, and other customer interaction or interaction efforts. When thinking about layout and design, keep the flow in mind. Customers and employees should be able to move freely in the store. You can set up a specific area for shopping lists and order pick-ups to make your space clearer. Technology can also help optimize the customer experience. The use of a point-of-sale system via computer or tablet offers both employees and customers more convenience.

4. Start a loyalty program

Starting a loyalty program has helped many companies maintain their customer base. Getting a customer is expensive. Therefore, you should go the extra mile and reward customer loyalty.

You can do this by offering discounts or freebies to regular customers. A loyalty program also increases pharmacy sales by motivating your customers to buy more and come back.

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5. Exclusivity

Another way to increase your pharmacy sales is to be the sole distributor of a particular product. The marketing power of this strategy lies in the importance of a customer knowing that the product is only available from Martinez Dispensary, for example. Contact a grower and ask for exclusive access to their products, especially if they have a new variety. You can also team up with a local handyman to provide you with custom tubing. This can also be an opportunity to reward your customers who join your loyalty program.

6. Promote and advertise your products

Before starting any advertising campaign, make sure you follow the advertising restrictions in your local, state, or federal compliance offices. In addition to the common advertising channels, you can use the following:

● Customer emails and SMS

● Cannabis-specific advertising or marketing networks

● Social media contests and posts

● In-store signage and advertising

An effective way to keep customer business going is through daily SMS and email notifications of promotions, offers, and new products in the store.

Final thoughts

A well-planned and unique marketing strategy will help open up new areas of business. Your team of employees should be professionally trained to increase your client’s average transaction. You have to be very committed to everything you do. This also helps retain customers who also refer others to your business.