Green Scientific Labs announces expanded testing capacity

Green Scientific Labs, a leading Florida testing facility for hemp and marijuana products, is proud to announce expanded testing capabilities. Growers looking to meet Florida state mandates for hemp laboratory testing can contact the company directly and get the help they need.

In January 2020, growing hemp products in Florida finally became possible. Companies wanting to offer CBD-enhanced products to the human and pet market had the option to do so legally, as long as they followed state cannabidiol laboratory testing mandates.

Some of these rules stated that producers must use so-called “designated laboratories” which:

  • Keep ISO 17025 accreditation.

  • Register with the Drug Enforcement Administration.
  • Enter compliance agreements with the Florida government.

Then came the pandemic. Some laboratories closed altogether. Others had small testing facilities and couldn’t keep staff up while gaining social distance. The peasants suffered.

“It’s been a tough time for the Florida industry,” says Thomas Manfredi of Green Scientific Labs. “So many growers got into the business with high hopes for their crops. But they failed to meet the state’s CBD laboratory testing mandates for hemp. Their hard work was lost.”

Green Scientific Labs has one of the largest testing facilities in Florida and the company has invested in world-class equipment to produce accurate results. These machines work overtime to help growers get their products ready for market.

“We believe that hemp has a bright future in Florida,” said Thomas Manfredi’s company representative. “We don’t want the government hemp laboratory testing mandate to stand in the way of a company’s success. So we’ve made sure we have enough people to do samples and provide our customers with the quick and efficient service they deserve.”

Green Scientific Labs is ISO 17025 accredited and the facility has a CMTL license. All employees are trained and highly qualified and work on a variety of test equipment that is carefully calibrated. Any Florida breeder can trust the results of the tests conducted at this facility.

Samples are accepted at any time. The company is asking growers to contact them directly to find out how to prepare plants for analysis.

About Green Scientific Labs

Green Scientific Labs in Davie, Florida focuses solely on testing marijuana and hemp products. Technicians can test its effectiveness, including providing a full cannabinoid profile. The device can also check for common contaminants such as mold, pesticides and heavy metals. Learn more about the company online.

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