Inside minister: Estonia not able to legalize hashish | Information

Luxembourg will allow people aged 18 and over to legally grow up to four cannabis plants per household for personal use, making it the first country in Europe to legalize production and consumption. The new German coalition also plans to legalize the regulated trade and consumption of the plant.

Northern Prefecture Head of Police and Border Protection Committee (PPA) Urmet Tambre told the ERR Thursday that encouraging promises from countries often hide similar regulations. By legalization, countries mean growing some cannabis plants or consuming them in highly regulated places. Humans cannot take the plant with them.

Tambre said that even in Estonia, cannabis users are not punished unless they have driven. A few years ago the attitude to drugs was changed within the PPA, which treated consumers as addicts and instead of punishing them, the police will try to find solutions to the disease.

Consumption alone does not justify punishment. “As a country, we should get to the point where people understand what they are doing,” noted Tambre, adding that raising awareness is key rather than legal regulation.

Tambre said that two young people recently lost their lives after consuming ecstasy from a dangerous batch, likely without knowing what they were actually taking.

He noted that more substances will arrive in Estonia as countries start legalizing them. “Each of these decisions has an effect,” said Tambre.

Interior Minister Kristian Jaani (center) was determined on cannabis legalization: “My previous position on this matter has not changed – Estonia is not ready for it, no matter what illegal substances we are talking about.”

Justice Minister Maris Lauri (Reform) also said she would not support Luxembourg’s decision. “Each country has its own discussions,” she said, adding that Germany’s decisions should not affect Estonia’s positions.

Lauri said that no matter how big they are, other countries shouldn’t base their decisions on those of other countries.

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